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SWAN FEEDER – Aut-O-Dine 25 Adapted

December 12th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in Swan Feeder - Aut-O-Dine 25 - (Comments Off on SWAN FEEDER – Aut-O-Dine 25 Adapted)

SWAN FEEDER – Aut-O-Dine 25
Formerly Known as the “Blitz Dog Food Feeder”

Swan Feeder

  Click Images to Enlarge

Our 2009 “Blitz” Feeder was by Blitz Pet Products.  (I think)

For a while these Feeders were made by Bergan Pet Products..
They were Renamed the “Aut-O-Dine 25” – for the Capacity.

Now Aut-O-Dine 25 Feeders are made by Coastal Pet Products.

We have had LOTs of Exposure to and Experience with these.
Aut-O-Dine Feeder for SwansThey are used by maybe 8-10 Swan Ponds we know or Visit..

Aut-O-Dine Swan Feeder

Aut-O-Dine Swan Feeder

The Aut-O-Dine 25 – (Blitz Feeder) as used for Swans.
This is a GREAT Idea, that has some Design Flaws.
And they are NOT Trouble Free…
Because they are Dog Feeders Adapted for Swans.

Aut-O-Dine Swan Feeder

If some of the information on this Page helps you Avoid
some of the Problems we have experienced – Great.
We purchased three when they were “Blitz” ( $75.00 each)
and at least 3-4 once Bergan LLC started to Make
these Feeders renamed Aut-O-Dine 25 ( $35-37.00 each)

In Dec. 2017 these are Manufactured by
Coastal Pet Products       Address & Contact Information Below

Swan Feeder

The Basic Design is very similar..
The BIG Difference is they are now MUCH Thinner. ******************************************
I am adding Notes on the use of this Feeder all the time..
I WISH these were as Wonderful as they seem..
But, until there is a better alternative.. many try to adapt.
Swans NEED a Different Diet then Ducks and Geese.
Swans Should NOT have a HIGH Protein Diet.


Feeding SwansWhen you have all Three Types of WaterFowl on your Pond/Lake
you NEED a Way to Provide your Swans a Healthy Feed Mixture.

Mixed Waterfowl Pond   A Pond with Assorted Domestic Ducks, Geese and Swans.  

Mixed Waterfowl Pond

If Everyone could Relax and Sit with their Swans while they
SLOWLY Graze and Enjoy their Feed Mixture and Food Items..
Finding Another Way to Feed them would not be Necessary.

Feeding SwansFeeding Swans*******************************
Things We have learned over the Past 8-9 years…

These Feeders were not Meant to be Outside in the Weather.
This is a Semi-Permanent Mount.  More Work to Move.

Swan Feeder

What you want this type of “Swan Feeder” to do:

Keep Feed Mixture Dry during Summer Months.. Less Spoilage.
Swan Feeder

Keep Rodents out of the Feed Mixture.
Swan Feeder
During Warm Weather Mice, Rats, Opossums, Raccoon, Squirrels
Little Birds. etc. WILL Consider Open Containers of Feed Mixture
a Snack Bowl.  Animal Saliva and POOP carry Diseases. 

Feeding SwanKeep Feed Mixture from Freezing during Damp Winter Months.

Keep Geese and Ducks from Raiding your Swans’ Feed.

Mixed WaterfowlDucks and Geese are Gobblers.. they EAT Quickly and Move on.

Swan FeederSwans are Grazer.  They Like to Eat Slowly – Nibbling All Day.

It is more Natural for Swans to have Food-Feed Mixture
Available all through the Day Light Hours.

Swan FeederWorks Best Mounted 15-18 Inches above Shallow Water.
Swans will Drop Part of the Dry Feed Mixture as they Eat.
Swan FeederSwan Feeder

Adjusted to a Height so Swans can Reach-In…
…So Ducks and Geese can not.
Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans

The Ducks and Geese will Happily Clean-up Dropped Feed.Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans
You want the Shortest Swan/Cygnet to be able to reach.

Swan Feeder

Having the Feed OUT of Reach of the Wild Migrating Geese may
Discourage them from Hanging Around your Pond.
Swans and Canada Geese This may be a Temporary Problem during Annual Migration  Seasons.Migrating Geese You will NOT be Feeding ALL the Wild WaterFowl.
Migrating Canada Geese

We often see the Swans trying to Chase the Geese away from their Food.  The Geese tend to Distract and Divide..
Sneaking in from Different Directions Grabbing the Food.
After a Short Time the Food-Feed is all Gone and the Swans did not get to Eat.Swan Feeder

Migrating Birds, Ducks, Geese, etc…
may Carry Diseases to your Pond.

Migrating Canada GeeseSwan Canada Geese Best if they just keep Moving to their Far Off Destinations.
Putting Feed on the Ground is Difficult for Swans to Pick-up.

Feeding Swan
 Grabby Ducks and Geese will OverWhelm the Swans.Swan Canada Geese
Feeding Your Swans may take some Imagination so the Swans get ALL the Nutrients and Calories they Need.
Try Different Methods until you Find the One/Ones that Work the BEST for Your Swans.
Place this Feeder in a Location you can get to **SAFELY**
during the Winter Months.

Feeding Swans in Winter

Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans

Consider the most Common Direction of the Rain in your Location.
Try to Place in a Semi-Shady Place.

Before Installing – Check all the Feeder’s Surfaces:

Check the EDGE of the Push Door for Rough Spots..

Swan Feeder
Check the EDGE of the Feed Tray for Rough Spots.
An Emory Board will Smooth any Sharp Spots.
Swan Feeder
A Swan’s Beak is covered by a Dense Skin.. it Scratches.
It is not a HARD Horn like Surface.

Mounted on a Round Pole makes it easier to Adjust the Height..
And Move the Unit from Left to Right.
BUT it is Difficult to Reinforce the Back on a Round Pole.
Swan Feeder
If during the Year the Water Level of your Pond Rises
during Wet Weather and the Water Level Drops during Dry Summer Months, you may want to Adjust the Feeder’s Height.
Swan Feeder
Mounted on a Square Wood Post:
Not as easy to Adjust Height – more Permanent.
Swan FeederMounted to a Free Standing Post…
Difficult to keep Straight-Stable.

Swan Feeder   Mounted to a Solid Structure more Stable..
The Push Door Works Better.
Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans

On a Square Post Something can be put inside to help Support the Back of the Container to keep it from Sagging when Filled..

Swan Feeder

Swan Feeder

I used a 6 x 10 x 3/4 inch Poly Vinyl Cutting Board. 

Support For Swan Feeder Support For Swan Feeder Support For Swan Feeder
I found this Perfect Size at a Restaurant Supply Store.

* * * * * *DO NOT use Wood, it will become Moldy.
* * * * * *DO NOT use Metal, that will contaminate the Feed.
WaterFowl are very Sensitive to Metal Poisoning.
It is BEST NOT to Fill the Container.
Put enough in for maybe One-Two-Three Days at Most.
Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans
The Poly Vinyl Material is thin and the Container Sags if it is Filled. Try Half-way or Less and Adjust as you see fit.

Blitz Feeder for SwansBlitz Swan Feeder**************
ALSO, when the Container is TOO FULL…
 Aut-O-Dine Feeder for SwansThe Push Door has trouble – either NOT Opening..
OR, it Will NOT Close.

Aut-O-Dine Swan Feeder
Aut-O-Dine Swan Feeder
If the (Inside) Black Divide-Slide Plate gets off the “Nubs”
 – the Feeder Jams.

Aut-O-Dine Swan Feeder
These Feeders were Designed for Dog Food to be in an Inside area.
They are NOT WaterProof.
 Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans
They Leak in many Places around the Lid and Into the Push Door.
Water/Rain can Spoil the Feed Mixture inside.  Check for Moldy,
Clumped, Lumpy, Sour Smelling Feed..    DISCARD.

 Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans
One Pond has mounted a Picnic Table Umbrella over theirs
to try to keep the Feed from getting Wet.

 Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans**************
When you First Install-Mount an Aut-O-Dine 25 Feeder for your Swans, they may not know there is Feed inside.
 Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans
It is Helpful to Tuck Romaine Lettuce Leaves in the Push Door.
The Sight of these Large Green Leafy Treats will Atract them.
The Swans will Find the Lettuce and Quickly Learn this is
where to Find Food..

 Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans

Once One Swans figures it Out, the Others
will be Watching and before Long it is being Used as you Planned.
Watch to be Sure all your Swans are able to Reach the Feed.
We like to Put a Mixture of Floating WaterFowl Pellets and Whole Dry Corn in these Feeders.
Southern States Floating Waterfowl Pellets
The Dropped Pellets Float… and the Dropped Corn will Soften.
Swan CornThe Swans will get to Eat most of this Mixture..

Mallard Ducks Cute Little Ducks are Welcome to do the Clean-up.
Another UNWELCOME Pond Creature
Snapping TurtleOne BAD things, any Snapping Turtles will Quickly learn
there may be TidBits of Feed or Corn in this Location
and Lurk there.

Snapping Turtle cause TERRIBLE Injuries to WaterFowl.
DUCK Beak Snapping TurtleSnapping Turtle DamageThe Life of this Young Cygnet was Destroyed.      Sadly Euthanized.

Try to REMOVE any Snappers.. In any way you find Acceptable.
Trap Snapping Turtle
If you see Muddy Foot Prints on the Feeder

YOU MAY have a Raccoon trying to get inside.

Swan Feeder
A Hungry Raccoon may Challenge your Swans for the Feed.
A Squirrel or Chipmunk may try Chewing into the Lid..
The Swans dip their Beak into the Water with each Bite.
They get Dirty Pond Water into the Bottom of the Feed Tray Area.
The Feed gets Wet and Spoils or becomes Caked Solid … or Freezes.
Frequent Cleaning is needed to removed Nasty, Spoiled Feed.
Soured Feed can make your Swans SICK..
HOT Summer Days.. Insects may lay Eggs in the Soft
Warm, Damp Feed.
In Several Days there will be Maggots in the Feeder.. YUCK !!!
Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans
So, One or Two Days of Feed is most Practical.
Check the Bottom inside the Push Door before you add Feed.

Aut-O-Dine Swan Feeder  If it does get Lumpy-Wet-Smelly..
Toss that out into the Water for the Fish..
Or Discard-Toss Away..

ONE Thing we are trying is to put a Staggered Line of 1/4 Inch Holes in the Bottom of the Tray to allow Drainage and some Air to Dry this Area.
Aut-O-Dine Swan Feeder
This does not seem to make Much Differences.
Make sure the Lid is “Snapped on Snug” after Filling.
The Top/Lid comes off TOO Easily and can Blow Out into the Pond..
They seem to Sink out of Sight.
There is NOTHING that Connects the Lid to the Unit.
Swan Feeder

Consider some type of Attachment for the Lid.
Maybe something like a Short Length of Picture Frame Wire
threaded through the Top and the Unit.. with Knots inside.

Aut-O-Dine Swan Feeder

I have seen a Brick placed on the Top of One and a Chunk of Wood
on Another to keep the Lid on. This is RISKY…
The Brick or Wood could fall on a Swan’s Head.

Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans

Bungees are Frequently Wrapped around the Entire Feeder-Lid.

Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans**********************************
If the Lid is Lost during the First 12 Months..
Coastal Pet Products has been good about Replacing the Lid..

NO Longer Made by Bergan Pet Products..
NOW Coastal Pet Products, Inc.                       As of Dec. 2017
(“BLITZ) – Aut-O-Dine 25 Feeder Used for Swans.
www.Coastalpet.com                      1 (800) 321-0248
Customer Service –                        Debbie Ext. 356 (Dec 2017)
Toll Free Phone Number:              1 (866) 217-9607
Mailing Address:         911 Leadway Ave.   Alliance OH 44601

You can arrange for Replacement Parts through Coastal Pet Products.

The Aut-O-Dine 25 can be found Online on various Websites.
Cost and Shipping varies.
If Purchased from an ONLine Store… and Shipped.
*** When the Box arrives Check the Unit
for any Damage or Defects.

Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans

We have receive Two Feeders that had broken Lids.

Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans
Both Lids were Replaced..
I called the Manufacturer, sent Photo Images..
and they sent a Replacement
-No Charge.. Warranty is One Year.

One Feeder was Crushed in Shipment and replaced NO Question.
Our Tractor Supply has these (Dog) Feeders available.
If you purchase a Unit from Tractor Supply or from an OnLine Store…  if it has defects or damage..
You may need to return it to that Store..

OR… first Call Coastal Pet Products, they may help you if the Unit was Damaged when you Opened the Box.

Available From Stromberg’s Catalog
“Chicks & Gamebirds Unlimited.”
Price Varies Year to Year.

Swan Feeder

Stromberg’s Chicks & Gamebirds Unlimited
P.O.Box 400
Pine River, MN 56474

Swan Feeder

Call Toll Free: 1 (800) 720-1134
Order OnLine at: www.strombergschickens.com
Phone: 1 (218) 587-2222
FAX: 1 (218) 587-4230

If you Find Ways to Improve the Function of this Feeder..
Please Share…                 We Learn from each other.

Aut-O-Dine Feeder for Swans

If You have any Questions.. I will be Happy to Share Ideas..
Thanks,        PA SwanLover Linda         StarBug@comcast.net
This Information is a Work in Progress…..
As I learn more I will add to this Page…
Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger                       Date December 2017


Common Swan Injuries

March 15th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in Common Swan Injuries - (Comments Off on Common Swan Injuries)

There Can be Countless Types of Injuries.
Many are JUST Bad Luck – Unforeseen.


Click Image to Enlarge

Swan Broken Wing

Broken Wings are TOO Common. 

Mute Cygnet Hit by Vehicle

Being Hit by a Vehicle is ALL TOO Common. 

Swan Fishing Hook

Fishing Hooks and Line Entanglement are TOO Common. 

Swan Fishing Line

    Snapping Turtle Injuries are TOO Common. 

Swan Snapping Turtle Bite

Swan Snapping Turtle Bite
I have Started this Page.. it has Basic General Information.
I Hope to ADD Information as Time Allows.
This Information is a Work in Progress…..

Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger                                        March 2017

Common Swan Problems

March 15th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in Common Swan Problems - (Comments Off on Common Swan Problems)

It would be Nice to Just Enjoy our Swans.

But there are Common Problems to be Aware of.

Common Swan Problems 

Click to Enlarge Images

Swan Problems

There a Variety of Things that Might
Affect a Swan’s Water Proofing.

WaterProof Feather


Swan Under Tongue Impaction

Under Tongue Impactions Can Result in Serious Health Problems.


This Next ONE is Very Painful for Any Bird or Swan.

Swan Bumble Foot Sore

Bumble Foot Sores – TOO Many Swans Develop these.


Swan Poor Diet

A Poor Diet Verses and Healthy Diet  –  Same Swan.

Swan Good Diet

Feeding Bread to Swans Can Cause Far More Harm then Good.

Swan Waterfowl Bread


WaterFowl – All Birds
are Very Susceptible to Heavy Metal Poisoning.

Swan Heavy Metal Poisoning

Swan Spoiled Feed


SWANS are Safest in OPEN WATER in the Winter.

Swan Need Open Water

Frozen Out of their Pond – High Risk of Death.

Swan Need Open Water


Rogue Swan

A “Rogue Swan”

UnPinioned Swans that FLY Away from the Homes
Will Cause Disruption to the Peace on YOUR POND ! !

I have been SURPRISED How MANY Times
we have had to deal with this PROBLEM.


I have Started this Page.. it has Basic General Information.
I Hope to ADD Information as Time Allows.
This Information is a Work in Progress…..

Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger                                     March  2017

Keeping Your Swans Grounded – Flightless

March 15th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless - (Comments Off on Keeping Your Swans Grounded – Flightless)

Watching Swans in Flight is Breathtaking.

Watching Your Swans Fly Away is Heartbreaking.

Keeping Your Swans Grounded – Flightless

Keep Your Swan Grounded

Click Images to Enlarge

Swans Evolved to Fly – Flight is Programmed in their DNA.

Mute Swans Flying

Odds are Good they WILL Fly Away.  

Mute Swan Full Wing

Living Free Swans will be Exposed to MANY Hazards.

Mute Cygnet Hit by Vehicle

Pinioned Swan

Understanding How and When to Pinion will Minimize
the Problems of Full Wing Swans
for Current and Future Swan Owners.

Pinioned Swan

Done Properly a Pinioned Wing will Appear Fairly Normal.

Pinion Swan Cygnet

I hope to have Information Soon for you to Read.

I Strongly Recommend you have Your Veterinarian Assist you
at least the First Time.

CLIPPING Is the Second Best Way
to Keep Your Swans Flightless

Clipping Swan

This Needs to be Done Annually after Your Swan Moults.

Clipping Swan

Information to Clip Your Captive Pet Swan


   If You are NOT Comfortable Clipping..
Ask Your Veterinarian to Assist You.  
This Information will Help.

Clipping Swan

This Page will be Develop as Time Allows.

I have Posted this Page.. it is Very Basic for Now.
I Plan to ADD Information I have once Time Allows.

This Information is a Work in Progress…..
Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger                                     March  2017

NEVER Turn Your Back on a Hormonal Male Swan

March 15th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in Never Turn Your Back on a Hormonal Male Swan - (Comments Off on NEVER Turn Your Back on a Hormonal Male Swan)


  This Title Speaks for Itself..
Swans can be Quiet and Quick.

NEVER Turn Your Back on a Hormonal Male Swan


Hormonal Male Mute Swan

       Is in “Spring HORMONE HELL.”

Hormonal Male Mute Swan

     Male Swans are Hormonally Programmed
when they See WHITE to Drive or the “Intruder.”

This Page will be Developed as Time Allows.

Bringing New Swan/Swans Home

March 15th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in Bringing New Swan/Swans Home - (Comments Off on Bringing New Swan/Swans Home)

Bringing New Swan/Swans Home

Bringing Swan Home

Keeping a Record for Your New Swans

March 13th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in Keeping a Record for Your New Swans - (Comments Off on Keeping a Record for Your New Swans)

Keeping a Record for Your New Swans

Keep Swan Records














There are Seven Species of Swans

March 13th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in There are Seven Species of Swans - (Comments Off on There are Seven Species of Swans)


                        The REGAL Swan Foundation.

                         The WorldWide Loss of Swans



Mute Swans


Trumpeter Swans Nesting


Migrating Tundra Swans


Black Australian Swans


Black Neck Swans



MOONShine Madness

March 12th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in MOONShine Madness - (Comments Off on MOONShine Madness)

** ALCOHOL is Toxic to Birds..
Alcohol Depresses the Organ Systems of Birds
and can be Fatal.

MOONShine Madness

 Making Feed Moonshine

Feed Fermenting Moonshine

Click Images to Enlarge

Are You unknowingly making “Moonshine Mash” ? 

I have followed the General Feed instructions below,
NOT Questioning Why ??..

Swan Moonshine Mash
GENERAL Label/Tag Instructions for using
Commercial Animal/Live Stock Feeds.

Dry Feed: Change Daily..

Wet Feed Mixtures: Change Daily
When Temperature is 65 Degrees or Less.

Change every 12 Hours when Temp,
is higher then 65 Degrees.

Change Immediately if you see any Bubbles.

“WHY???” would Swans like the Wet Feed Mixture
after it sits and is Bubbling ????

Swan Moonshine Mash

The Swans LIKE it because it is Sweeter
as the Starch Breaks Down and Alcohol forms.

  The Mixture is developing into “Moonshine Mash.”

Swan Moonshine Mash

TO QUOTE Chuck Miller
from the Discovery TV Show “MoonShiners” :
“And this is how we make the Moonshine.”

How to Make Moonshine Mash

Moonshine Mash is a Fermented Mixture or Slurry of Ingredients,
principally Corn, Sugar, Water and Yeast, that are Distilled to produce High-Proof Drinking Alcohol, also known as Moonshine or White Whiskey.

While Distilled Alcohol can be made from a variety of Grains,
Moonshine is most often associated with a Corn Based Mash.

This is left to Ferments at 80 Degrees for an Average of 7-10 Days.

MoonShiners use 50 LB Bags of Corn, Wheat, Rye, Poultry and Horse Feeds Plus Sugar and Yeast in their Mash Recipes to make “MoonShine.” Different Grains create different Flavors.


POULTRY Feed Ingredients are Ground Grains and Plant Proteins.

Swan Moonshine Mash

Adding Warm Water to Poultry Feed.. allowing this to Dissolve
into a Slurry of Starch and Protein, Bacteria and Yeast in the Environment will start to breakdown and FERMENT this mixture creating Grain Alcohol.

Swan Moonshine Mash

Swan Moonshine Mash

The Wet Feed Ferments easily at Temperatures of 80+ Degrees for an Average of 7-10 Days.  These Backyard Bacteria and Yeast Strains are UNKNOWN.

There are Strains of Environmental Bacteria, Molds, and Yeasts that have TOXIC Secretions.

I spoke with the Feed Division Technical Service Southern States Corp.  1 (804) 281-1430  They agreed, commenting that MoonShiners buy Animal Feeds to make Moonshine.

Swan Moonshine Mash

In the Normal use of their Commercial Feeds for Animals and Poultry, they worry most about the Molds that occur in Hot, Humid Weather.

Swan Moonshine Mash

MoonShiners control their Mash Mixture by adding Known Strains of Yeast.  They add LARGE amounts of Sugar to increase the Alcohol that will be FERMENTED.  As the Alcohol Content increases it kills off the Bacteria.. and finally the Yeast.

Without this extra Sugar there will be Alcohol forming just not as much.  More like Beer.  But, not enough to kill the Bacteria, Mold or Yeast..

Swan Moonshine Mash

The Break Down of the Proteins in the Feed Mixture is just as unsafe, forming Toxins..  No different then the concerns we have for “Food Poisoning” when leaving Meats out at Room Temperatures for more then two Hours.  ***Ptomaine Poisoning is from alkaloids found in decaying animal and vegetable matter.

This is especially important when it’s hot outside:
“Bacteria grows rapidly at room temperature, but it grows even faster when the Weather is between 90°F and 110°F,” says Elisabeth Hagen, MD, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Swan Warm SunShine
The Risk of Clostridium botulinum – Clostridium perfringens -Bacillus cereus growing in Wet Stagnate Pond Water increases in Warm Weather.  These Pathogenic Bacteria are found everywhere.. Their Toxins are Lethal.  These Anaerobic Bacteria may/will Grow in the Bottom of the Wet Feed Mixture.
Botulinum Toxin is the most Acutely Lethal Toxin known.

Swan Clostridium Botulism

We lost one Precious Female Swan to Clostridiim Botulism.. Heartbreaking. She was Eating Flies near a Vegetable Compost Pile.

There are Dangerous Pathogenic Organisms in most Place.
A Few Organisms.. can “Grow” into a Lethal Mixture.

Yeasts and Molds are found in all Environments.
Birds can contract Diseases from inhaling Mold/Fungus Spores.

SWAN IRON Toxicity

Yeast Populations in their Gizzard and Digestive Tract can cause
a wide variety of Health Problem: Bloating, Poor Digestion, Toxins that effect their Immune System..
A Heavy Growth can Obstruct the Bowel.. Death.

SWANs are VERY Susceptible to Heavy Metal Poisoning.

ADD Fermenting Feed to a Rusting Metal Pan = Iron Poisoning.

Swan Moonshine Mash

Swan Moonshine Mash

Swan Moonshine Mash

Various MoonShine Recipes..
It was interesting Researching all this..
for a Good Cause.. 
Healthy Swans.

This Information is a Work in Progress…..
As I learn more I will add to this information..
Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger Date  March 2017


Mute Swans – Royals

March 8th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in Mute Swans - Royals - (Comments Off on Mute Swans – Royals)


Royal Male Mute Swan