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Keeping Your Swans Grounded – Flightless

March 15th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless - (Comments Off on Keeping Your Swans Grounded – Flightless)

Watching Swans in Flight is Breathtaking.

Watching Your Swans Fly Away is Heartbreaking.

Keeping Your Swans Grounded – Flightless

Keep Your Swan Grounded

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Swans Evolved to Fly – Flight is Programmed in their DNA.

Mute Swans Flying

Odds are Good they WILL Fly Away.  

Mute Swan Full Wing

Living Free Swans will be Exposed to MANY Hazards.

Mute Cygnet Hit by Vehicle

Pinioned Swan

Understanding How and When to Pinion will Minimize
the Problems of Full Wing Swans
for Current and Future Swan Owners.

Pinioned Swan

Done Properly a Pinioned Wing will Appear Fairly Normal.

Pinion Swan Cygnet

I hope to have Information Soon for you to Read.

I Strongly Recommend you have Your Veterinarian Assist you
at least the First Time.

CLIPPING Is the Second Best Way
to Keep Your Swans Flightless

Clipping Swan

This Needs to be Done Annually after Your Swan Moults.

Clipping Swan

Information to Clip Your Captive Pet Swan


   If You are NOT Comfortable Clipping..
Ask Your Veterinarian to Assist You.  
This Information will Help.

Clipping Swan

This Page will be Develop as Time Allows.

I have Posted this Page.. it is Very Basic for Now.
I Plan to ADD Information I have once Time Allows.

This Information is a Work in Progress…..
Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger                                     March  2017