A site dedicated to sharing general care of mute swans


“The Joys and Sorrows of Loving Swans.”

OH My – the Memories.


Where to Start..?? How to keep this Brief..???

After Many Years of Swan Adventures,
“Swan Soap Operas”
Visiting, Observing, Feeding,
Enjoying, Loving, Reading, Learning, Photographing,
Seeking, Worrying, Hoping,
Chasing, Rescuing, Veterinary Visits, Rehabilitations,
Arranging Forever Homes, Transporting, Letting Go,
Tears and Remembering,
these Enchanting Birds of Myth and Lore
have become a Part of my Soul.

The Purpose of SwanLovers is to Share what I have Learned
as I Continue to Learn,
So You and Your Swans will have fewer Sorrows and More Joys.

They are Not our Swans – We are their People.

PA SwanLover Linda

The Singer Adele – Video about Swans
The Swannary at Abbotsbury, Dorset, England
Rolling In The Deep


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L.M.Sweger (c) January  2017


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