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The White Bag Effect

November 23rd, 2015 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in The White Bag Effect - (Comments Off on The White Bag Effect)

As We Visit and Work with Swans,
We have Observed how Visual they are.
They are Creatures of Habit.

We take their Vegetable and Treats to their Ponds
in White Grocery Bags.
When the Swans see the WHITE BAGS from a Distance
they head toward Us for their Treats and to Visit with Us.  

                               THE WHITE BAG EFFECT

                    The Swans will Follow the White Bags.    

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The White Bag Effect

Lettuce Drop Bags

We get Discard Vegetables from a Local Restaurant Kitchen.

I Sort the Greens into the White Plastic Grocery Store Bags.

for BREAD BAGS to the Pond Area.
NO Rubber Bands or Styrofoam..

Anything Foreign that a Swans swallows will stay in their Gizzard.. Indigestible.. Obstructive.
Swan Gizzard

BE VERY CAREFUL to Collect any Metal if you are doing any Construction Projects.  WaterFowl will Pick-up and Swallow Screws, Nails, Nuts, Bolts, etc.

SWANs Die from thing stuck in their Throat or Gizzard….

White Bag Effect

The Swans see the White Bags and Come for their Treats.

White Bag Effect When the Swans see our Van, they know we have Greens.

The White Bag Effect

One Young Swan was sitting on the other side of this Large Pond.
She did not come over when we stopped to visit.
I took a White Bag of Greens out of our Van.  As soon as she saw
the White Bag, she headed over to join her Companion Swan.

The White Bag Effect
The Ducks, Geese and Swans will Follow whoever has
the White Bag.
Swan White BagSwan White BagSwan White BagThe White Bag EffectSwan White Bag
DO NOT Take White Bags to Visit Swans
during their Mating and Nesting Time.
The White Bags will cause the Male Swan to CHASE You.  

Their Hormonal Aggressive Behavior is Triggered by WHITE. 

Hormonal Male Swan

Swan White BagSwan White BagWhite Bag Effect

The Best Part of my Day is Spent with the Swans.  

Swans The White Bag EffectSwans White Bag

We do “Lettuce Drops” with any Extra Lettuce we get.
We Enjoy visiting all the Swans and Cygnets we live near.

Lettuce Drop

This Information is a Work in Progress…..
As I learn more I will add to this information..
Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger         UpDate January 2018