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Who We Are



My Husband and I LOVE Swans. We have Rescued, Rehabbed and found Good Homes for many Lost, Injured, Sick or Unwanted Swans.

SWANLovers Info

We have had “Hands-On” experience working with our Local Avian Veterinarians to help Recover these Swans to the Best Health possible, before transporting them to their “Forever Ponds.”

Discarded Mute Swan

Years ago, as I was walking along our local River for exercise – camera in hand, I met my first Swan. She was alone, swimming among a flock of noisy Canadian Geese, hundreds of Mallard Ducks and countless Sea Gulls.

I often photographed her in the early morning.. as the Sun was about to rise. We learned she was a Discarded Pet.

Discarded Mute Swan

Two years passed – her loneliness ended,
when a mature Male Mute Swan flew over the River and found her.

Feral Mute Swans

  Watching them together was Delightful..
Their Hardships were many as they were living Feral
– Wild and Free.

Swans Lonely no more


Male Mute Swan
They spent two years together, before a cruel person tossed a large firecracker under this magnificent, loving Male Swan.

The explosion shredded his left wing.

Injured Swan

Swan Rescue

I was to able arrange a “Rescue” for “Handsome Fellow.”
Everything in our lives was put on hold, as we spent as much time as needed to care for “Handsome.” His entire Left wing had to be Amputated.. He required nine months of daily care before he had recovered enough to be on a Pond. We had the privilege of caring for him for two and half years.

Swan with One Wing

Swan with One Wing

My Husband and I have continued to learn and care for other Swans with a wide variety of needs.. The Joys and Heart Breaks have been many.Snapping Turtle Bite


Cygnet Ready for Home


Our Goal with this WebSite for “SwanLovers” is to encourage Responsible Care of Swans, to share information we have learned with anyone interested in Swans..

My Motto: “It is a Good Day when I have Swan Poop on my Shoes.”

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    This WebSite is a Work In Progress..
 I am Adding as Time Allows.