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Basic Mute Swans Anatomy

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Enchanting, Elegant, Graceful, Majestic Mute Swans.  
Basic Anatomy Information. 

This Page is Labeled Photos of General Swan Features.

Mute Swan Info

Basic Anatomy of Mute Swans

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Mute Swan Cob Male

Mute Swan Cob 

Mute Swan Pen Female

Mute Swan Pen

From: knowledgerush search: Mute Swan
Common Name Mute Swans – Tame Swans
Binomial Name – Cygnus olor
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Anseriformes
Family Anatidae WaterFowl
Genus Cygnus
Species olor

Mute Swan – Cygnus olor

Mute Swan Cob

Mute Swan Cob 
Mute Swan Cob

*****Mute Swan Cob Knob

In the United Kingdom the Knob is often Called “The Berry.”Mute Swan Cob Beak

*****Mute Swan Head

*****Mute Swan Anatomy*****Mute Swan AnatomyBelow – The Cob’s Beak is Peeling like a Thin Shed..
Yes, Swans do this .. How many times a Year.. I am not Sure.
You will see their Legs Shed also.
An Evolutionary Leftover from when Birds were Lizards.
Mute Swan Anatomy*****Mute Swan Anatomy
*****Mute Swan AnatomySwans have a Dense Skin on their Beaks..
Feels like Velvet. It can be Scratched and get Infected..

Mute Swan Beak
Mute Swan Anatomy*****

Avian – Swan Body Temperatures have a Wide Range
that is Related to their Activity.
IF you Need to Go to the Vets.. this might be Helpful..
Swan have a Higher Normal Body Temp then Human..
And their Temp will Vary by their Activity or Stress Level..
Anatomy SWAN Body Temperature

Like us, Birds are Warm Blooded, which means their Bodies
maintain a Constant Temperature, often around 104-106 degrees Fahrenheit.
Core Temperature in Birds Ranges between 34 and 44 °C
Birds Body Temperature Range is usually 39-43 degrees C (102-109 F)

Mean Levels of Body Temperatures (Tb) for all Birds are:
( Resting/ Active Phase/ High Activity )
( 102 to 103 F / 104 to 106 F / 107 to 109 F )
They have Ranges According to their Activity Level..
I Found only a Few Actual Bits of Data for Mute Swans Specifically.
Normal Ranges are Noted as Resting or Active..
Thermoneutral – Resting > >  39.5 degrees C – 103.1 degrees F
Active – Stress > > 41.1 degrees C. – 105.98 degrees F.

Mute Swan Anatomy*****Mute Swan Anatomy*****
Mute Swan Eye
Swan’s Eyes are on the Sides of their Head.
Mute Swan Anatomy Eyes
They are Prey Birds.. and Need a Wide Visual Field to see Danger.
Unfortunately, this Limits their Forward Vision.
Mute Swan Anatomy
*****Mute Swan Anatomy
*****Mute Swan Anatomy *****Mute Swan

*****Mute Swan Nares

*****Mute Swan Head

*****Mute Swan Head

*****Swan AnatomyMute Swan Beak Lamella*****Mute Swan Lamellae*****Mute Swan Lamellae

*****Mute Swan Anatomy
*****Mute Swan Anatomy The Lamellae along the Beak helps the Swans Cut Plant Leaves and Grass.
Swans have Very Little Bite Pressure.
In ALL the Years I have been Working with Swans,
I have Never had a Bite that Cut or Punctured my Skin.
At Most their Bite is more of a Pinch.
In the Photo Above
Our Little Female was Playfully Untying my Husband’s Boot Lace.

Mute Swan Anatomy *****Mute Swan IDMute Swan Marking*****
Mute Swan*****
Mute SwanMute Swan Nail*****Mute Swan NailThe Cygnets Nails will Become Black as they Grow.

Mute Swan Cygnet

*****Mute Swan*****Mute Swan AnatomyMute Swan Anatomy*****
Mute SwanMute SwanMute Swan

LOOK Closely at the Images Below ! !
This NOT Normal Anatomy !!!
Do YOUR BEST to REMOVE these Wads of Dirt and Fibers.
( Original ) <   I USED Computer Editing to Remove the Impaction from Image.  > ( Edited )
Mute Swan AnatomyMute Swan AnatomyWith a Team to Help, We DID Catch this Swan and Remove the Under Tongue Impaction.

Under Tongue-Chin Impaction

Now to their Legs and Feet – BIG FEET.

Mute Swan Anatomy
Mute Swan Feet

*****Royal Mute Swan Pen*****Mute Swan Anatomy*****Mute Swan Anatomy
*****Mute Swan Anatomy
Mute Swan Anatomy *****
Mute Swan Anatomy*****
Identifying Leg Bands Should be Not be Too Tight and Stay on this Section of their Leg.
Mute Swan Leg Band

*****Mute Swan Feet*****
Royal Mute Swan Feet

*****Mute Swan Anatomy
*****Mute Swan FootMute Swan Hind ToeRoyal Mute Swan Feet

Swan Anatomy

In the Images Above and Below.
This Young Cygnet’s Feet are Showing Signs of Too Much Time on Hard Surfaces.
Swan Anatomy

*****Mute Swan Anatomy
The Foot and Leg Skin of a Swan Looks like a Reptile.  There are NO Scales.  Mute Swan Web FootThis Skin Periodically Sheds the Same as a Lizards or Snakes.
Mute Swan Web FootThe Webbing Between their Toes is Very Flexible.
Mute Swan Web FootThe Pale Webbing is from a Polish Mute Swan Foot.
Mute Swan Web Foot
********************************************Mute Swan Cob

*****Mute Swan Anatomy Mute Swan Neck*****Mute Swan

*****Mute Swan Anatomy
*****Mute Swan Pen

Anatomy Mute Swan Female Pen
The Mature Mute Cob Below Weighed over 30 Pounds.Mute Swan CobPolish Mute Swan

*****Polish Mute Swan Pen

*****Mute Swan Pen

SHE has a VERY Large Knob…
The Size of the Mute Swan’s Knob is not a Reliable Way
to Determine their Sex….
*****Mute Swan Anatomy
*****SWAN Trachea-Air

A  Swan’s Esophagus is Located along the Right Side of their Neck. SWAN Esophagus-Food

You can watch the Food they Swallow Slide Down the Right Side. Mute Swan AnatomyI am going to Include the Following Series of Images Here.
Because this was a Worry until I Understood what I was Seeing.
 Mute Swan AnatomyWe were Visiting with our Swans – Lots of Greens, Vegetables and Treats.
Our Cob was Eating VERY Fast.. Loving the Goodies.
 Mute Swan AnatomyWhen he Stopped Eating.. He was Floating Quietly out on the Pond.
I Noticed this Swollen Area on his Neck.. and Wanted to Panic !
 Mute Swan AnatomyGood Grief WHAT was Wrong with his NECK ! 

It was Mid-Afternoon on a Sunday, NO Hope of Taking him to a Vet.

Once Home, I Started a Search for Swan Crops..  NOTHING.
 Mute Swan AnatomyCrop: A Pouch in the Esophagus used to Store Food Temporarily
before moving it on to the Stomach.
Waterfowl DO NOT Possess a True “Crop.”
Instead, their Esophagus is Capable of Expanding
to Accommodate Substantial Amounts of Food.
 Mute Swan Anatomy
These Young Cygnets were EATING their Lettuce SO FAST..
And we would See the Right Side of their Necks FULL of Lettuce. Mute Swan AnatomySWANs are Grazers Normally Nibbling throughout the Day.
BUT, WHEN they “Pig-OUT” you may see this Pouching on their Lower Right Neck.

IF You See this and it does NOT Go Away..
Suspect your Swan Swallowed
SOMETHING that is NOT Digestible..
Swans can have Obstructions due to Swallowing Trash.

Mute Swan Cob

*****Mute Swan Plumage

*****Mute Swan Plumage

*****Mute Swan Anatomy*****
WING JOINTs  –  WRIST – ELBOW – Shoulder 
Mute Swan Wing*****
Mute Swan Wing*****
Anatomy Mute Swan Wing

Swans use their Beak and Head to do most of their Preening.
The Tiny Feathers on their Heads become Worn.
If there is Iron in their Pond Water, this Mineral attaches to these Feathers.
Air interacts with the Iron Particles and Rust forms.
This Rusty Cap will be Renewed to a Clean White during their Annual Moult.

Mute Swan Anatomy
*****Mute Swan Pen

Mute Swan Cob

Mute Swan Brood Pair

*****Male Mute Swan

We Rescued the Swan Above.. he was Under Weight in this Photo.
And Recovering from having his Left Wing Amputated..

Male Mute Swan

*****Mute Swan Tail

*****Mute Swan Anatomy*****Mute Swan Cloaca

*****Mute Swan Wings

Mute Swan Anatomy

Healthy Swans Spend around Two Hours a Day Preening their Feathers.
Mute Swan Tale

If you get a Chance now and then – Check the Color of your Swans Tongue.
Mute Swan Anatomy


This Information is a Work in Progress…..
As I learn more I will add to this information..
Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger                                          UpDated  May 2022
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