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A Lone Swan is a Lonely Swan

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A Lone Swan is a Lonely Swan

Swans are Social Birds.
They Behave Differently with a Companion or Mate.

Swan will Live Alone – But….

Lone Mute Swan

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Lone Swans can be Captive or Feral.. They are Alone.
Mute SwanThis Female Mute was a Discarded Pet.Mute SwanMute SwanThis Female Lived for Four Year Alone on the River.
Literally, “Out of the Blue” a Mature Mute Cob Flew into our River System.
He Found the Lonely Pen.. They Bonded Quickly.
Mute SwansIt was Wonderful to Witness their Happy Union.
Mute SwansNow SunRise are Delightful.
Mute Swans***************************************

Lone Mute SwanA Feral Male Swan on a Large River System.

Mute SwanA Different River – A Different Female Mute.
Mute Swan Alone
After Several Weeks Alone she Disappeared.

Trumpeter SwanA Captive Breed Trumpeter Swan Travels Alone.
It took Weeks to Gain his Trust.
*********************************Mute Swan

    This Feral Swan was Alone for over Six Months.Mute SwanOne of her Companions was Seriously Injured.
Her Other Companion was Shot.
Mute SwanDuring the Winter we Visited her with Food Every Day.
Winter Mute Swan
Mute SwanMute Swan WinterLone Mute Swan
After 23 Years Together …
Mute Swan AloneHis Brother Died.
This Mute Cob is Full Wing…
Mute Swan AloneHe Flies from Pond to Pond..All over the Area.

His Female was Full Wing – Flew Away.
Mute Swan AloneNow he is ALL Alone on a BIG Pond.
A Raccoon Killed his Female…They had been Together for Many Years.
Mute Swan AloneHe would Flirt when I came to Visit.
He Walked Away from his Property.. Gone.
This Mute Cob is Living Alone.
Mute Swan AloneHis Female was Shot.. He Never Accepted another Female.
Sold with his Sister – Both had been Poorly Fed…
Mute Swan AloneSeverely Under Weight – She Died.
With a Proper Diet he becomes a BIG Health Cob.Mute Swan Cob*****
This Cob and his Pen Share Years of their Lives Together.
Mute Swans Cygnets
We Moved our Young Cygnet to his New Home.
We are Arranging for Two Females to Join Him.
Mute Swan Cygnet
His New Companions are Being Treated for an Illness.
Mute Cygnet AloneMute Cygnet Alone
There is NO Way to Tell this Very Lonely Cygnet,
We Hope they will be Well Soon.Swan ThreesomeFinally Happy Together.

A Companion Sister was Killed. Lone Mute SwanAlone for Many Months
Lone Mute SwanFinally A Companion.
Young Male Mute SwanBut Not a Mate.
Mute Swan CompanionsYes, there are Two Swan on the Pond.
Mute Swan CompanionsBut they are Both Males.
This Relationship will be Troubled.


This Young Female was Chased Away from her Family.
Mute SwanWe Have No Way to Catch a Full-Wing Swan on the River.
There are Too Many Rocks and Shallow Place for a Boat.
Kayaks and Canoes are Too Slow.

A Feral Male Swan Living Along a Local Creek.
Lone Mute Swan

A Feral Swan Wandering from Place to Place has little Support.Mute SwanAfter Months Alone he Disappeared.
Mute SwanThis Mute Cob is Singing into the Air.
  Hoping Another Swan will Hear him.
A Mature Rogue Female Swan Stole her Male.

Mute SwanWe Moved this Young Female to a Safer Home.

Lone Mute SwanIn a Few Weeks she will be Introduced to a Male.
She will be a Happy Swan Again.Mute Swans
They Nested the Following Spring.
Mute Swan CygnetWe Lost this Beautiful Swan a Few Days Later.. Now the Cob was Alone Again. 

This Female was Alone – Her Mate had been Killed.
Mute Swan AloneShe Welcomed a Young Male.
Mute SwansMute SwansShe has Company Again.


These Females Lost their Male Companion-Mates.

Lone Mute Swan

This Female Mute Swan is Telling the Dock Post
“I Like You.”

She has been Alone for close to Two Years.

Lonely SwanThis Dear Female Died Alone.
Several Days Ago.. Her Mate Died.

Mute SwanShe is Alone for the First time in Five Years.

Mute SwanMute SwansAlone No More.
Not Pinioned this Young Swan Flew Away.Feral Mute SwanFeral Mute SwanFeral Mute Swan
There are Ducks and Friendly People at the Marina.
Hunter Eventually Shot this Swan.


Her Companions LEFT their Safe Pond.
She Sits Alone – Waiting for their Return.
Mute Swan*****
Female Mute Swan PenEven with Lots of Feathered Ducks – She was So Lonely.

Her Female Companion Died – then Her Male Companion Died from Injuries.
Lone Female Mute SwanLone Female Mute SwanThis Young Pen’s Mate was Killed.
Lone Female Mute SwanMute Swan IntroductionThe Young Pens are Surprised to See Each Other.
Mute Swan IntroductionWe Brought Treats for the Girls.
Mute Swan IntroductionTheir Upper Necks are Puffed-Up with Happiness.
Mute Swan IntroductionYEAH ! !
Mute Swan IntroductionIt Only took a Short Time for these Pens to Become Best Friends.

 A Mute Cob is Facing the Winter Months Alone.

Lone Mute Swan

A Paddling of Ducks are his Only Companions.

This Young Female was Alone for Over a Year.   “At least they have Feathers.”

Lone Mute Swan

We Introduced our Rescued Male and they were Great Company for each Other.
Introducing Mute Swan
Some Lone Swans will Seek Companionship from Ducks and Geese.

Lonely Mute SwanThey want to have Companions to Preen with – Sit with.

Lone Mute SwanShe is Nesting on an Island..  Fairly Safe.

Lone Mute Swan

A Female Nesting Alone is Very Vulnerable.
She will be VERY Vulnerable to Predators.

She needs to “Sits” for 42 Days before Removing the Eggs.

Lone Mute SwanA Female Swan Nesting Alone may NEED some Extra Protection Around her Nest.
Nesting Mute SwanIf She is Nesting on an Island.. that Helps.

This Lonely Female Swan Shared her Food with the Pond Koi.
They Grabbed her Food – Gone in a Minute.
She Finally Died. 
Lone Mute Swan*************************************

A “Rogue” Female Swan took the Mature Male away from this Young Female…
Now she is alone.

Lonely Mute SwanWe Started to Look for a New Male…. It took Time.

Lonely Mute SwanShe wanted some Companionship.. Enter an Egret.

Lonely Mute Swan“Hannah” tried to Talk to the Egret – “Snort.”

Lonely Mute SwanThey do not Speak the same Language…Lonely Mute Swan
Her “Snort” scared the Egret away.

Lonely Mute Swan********************************************

A Lone Swan will usually Look forward to Human Company.
Male Mute SwanMale Mute Swan

Alone No Longer.. A Sweet Young Female joins this Older Cob.
Mute SwansTogether they Watch a Family Wedding..
Mute Swans*********************************
This Mute Cob is Spending the Winter Alone.  We Tried to Rescue him.
Lone Mute Swan***********************************
This Black Australian Cob has not Mate.
Black Australian Cob
This Young Male was Rescued from a Dangerous Situation.
Male Mute SwanHe Spend his First Winter Alone.
Mute Swan CobThis Pair of Ducks became his Favorite Companions.
The Following Summer he Welcomed a Shy Female Cygnet.
Mute SwansA Year Later they are Happy – Bonded.
Mute SwansNow Winter is a Wonderful Time of Year for Him.
Mute SwansThey are Adorable Together.
Mute Swans

Sudden Loss of her Sister Companion.. She Still looks for her.

Lonely Mute Swan

We Arranged for a Rescued Male to Join her Pond.
Young Mute SwansThis Young Rescued Male was Full-Winged – Clipped Twice.. but he had WanderLust.
Rescued Male Mute Swan

We can not Explain Property Lines to the Swans.

Going into Survival Mode.

A Lonely Swan  A Week Ago we could Hand Feed this Young Female and her Sister.

A Feral Swan Living Alone..  with Canadian Geese. Lonely Mute SwanThey are Company… But.

Lonely Mute Swan*********************************
A Mute Cob Alone for Months Welcomes a Young Female.
Mute Swans*****
Mute Swans
Mute Swans
Mute Swans

I have seen Lone Male Swans “Singing” up into the Air.
They are Calling – Hope to Locate Another Swans.
Especially a Female..

Lonely Mute SwanWinter Time Alone is NO Fun.  The Long Dark Night are Cold and Lonely.

Lonely Mute Swan SingingMute Swan

Mute SwansTheir Happy Relationship was Short..
These Three Mute Swans came onto our Local River System at Different Times.. Each Alone.
They Found Each other and formed a Threesome.
Mute SwanMute SwanMute SwanIn April there were Two Feral Swans.

Swans are Very Different when they have Company.
Mute SwanIn November there were Three Feral Swans.
Mute Swan
Life is Better with Friends.
This Information is a Work in Progress…..
As I learn more I will add to this information..
Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger              Updates May 2021

One Winter’s Visits with a Lone Feral Mute Swan
Feral Mute SwanAs Soon as She Saw our Van she Headed to Us.

Feral Mute SwanFeral Mute Swan*****
Feral Mute SwanFeral Mute SwanFeral Mute SwanFeral Mute SwanSeveral People helped Feed “Harmony” during the Winter.
Feral Mute SwanFeral Mute SwanFeral Mute SwanFeral Mute SwanFeral Mute SwanFeral Mute SwanFeral Mute SwanShe Trusted Us..

Feral Mute SwanAnd we would Bring Good Food and Treats.
And some Companionship.

Feral Mute Swan*****
Feral Mute Swan*****
Feral Mute SwanA Gentle Feral Swan Living Alone.
Feral Mute SwanWe Tried to Catch her… No Luck.
In the End She was Shot to Death.