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WHY we Ground Captive Swans

February 11th, 2022 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in WHY Ground Captive Swans - (Comments Off on WHY we Ground Captive Swans)

is a WISE DECISION – Responsible.

Swans are Much Better Pets, if they Do NOT Fly Away..

Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion
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Swans Evolved to Fly – Flight is Programmed in their DNA.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

YOU can NOT say to your Swans – “You are Not Allowed to Fly.”
We Live with Pet Swans in a Realm between Captive Domestics
and their Wild Instincts.. and NO 100% Rules.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

I WISH Grounding Swans was not Necessary.
Seeing Mute Swans Living Wild and Free to Fly
is an Experience I will always Cherish.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

When I First Start Learning about Swans,
I Hated the Idea of taking their Flight Away…
It is Magical to Watch Swans.. Flying Free.. Such Joy..Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

Over Time I have Experienced TOO many Sad Outcomes when Swans Fly.
Basically, a Mute Swan that Flies is likely Doomed.
TOO many Sad Stories.. of Full-Wing Swans and their Tragic Ends.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

I have Come to Terms with the Practical Reasons for Pinioning.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

When we want to Enjoy Swans as Captive Domestic Pets..
** When Pinioned they are Safer.. a Little Less Worry.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

Every Time I Pinion a Cygnet, I know I Increase the Chance this
Precious Little Life will Grow to be a Healthy, Happy, Domestic Pet.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

I DO Understand the Reluctance.. Especially the First Time.
My Emotions.. Hates taking Flight Away from the Swans.
For them to Never know the Joy of Flying Free..
BUT,,,, If we allow them to Fly.. their ODD of Dying Increases.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

There are So Many Thing that can Happen to a Swan that Flies..

Once we Pinion and they are Captive for us to Enjoy (Pets),
the Swans Depend on us to Help them have the Nutrients
that their Healthy Bodies require. We are Domesticating them.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Captive-Raised Domestic Swans often lack Survival Skills
such as Predator Avoidance and the Ability to Navigate back
to their Home, their Pond, and Private Property Safety.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

On Ponds with Adult Swans that are Pinioned
the Captive Raised Cygnets Never Learn to Forage beyond their Ponds.
These Cygnets become Dependent on the Available Feeds.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

When these Cygnets are Chased off Private Property by their
Parent in Late Fall-Mid Winter, there is NO Natural Food Available.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

At the Pond Below.. there was Limited Food.
The Cygnets were Chased-OFF in Early Fall.  Half of the Eight Cygnets Perished.
We Arranged Homes for Three of them.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
If these Young Swans are Socialize,
they may Look for Places where there are People – Seeking Food.
AND Scare the Heck out of Folks Unfamiliar with them.
They may Land on a School Yard, Shopping Center, etc..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Eight to Ten Month Old Cygnets are Actively Growing..
If they are Lucky and are NOT Shot to be Meat on a Hunter’s Table,
Months of Starvation is Painful. Many will Perish..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
The Young Female Mute Swan Above was Very Lucky to be Rescued.
She was TOO Weak to Walk, Closed to Death.
After Two Months of Care at a BackYard Rescue she was Adopted to a Loving Home.

If Swans were Naturally Living in the Wild, they would have
a Feeding Range of 3-5 Square Miles to find the Nutrients
their Bodies needs to be Healthy.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

For Feral-Wild Swans Harsh Winter Conditions will be
a Hardship without Humans Supplementing Feed/Food.
Many first year Cygnets will Starve or Freeze to Death.

Another Sad Story of a Young Full Wing Swan.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

On a February Day Images of a Dead Swan Stuck in the Ice of the
Landwer Canal (Berlin, Germany) started to appear on Social Networks.

Passersby Speculated the Cause of Death to be the Extreme Cold
Winter Weathers that Germany was experiencing as part of a Polar Vortex
with Temperatures going well Below Freezing.

People Walking along the Frozen Canal would Toss Flowers onto
Swans Carcass. After 3 Days Authorities removed the Swan from the Ice,
Closed the Area under the Bridge to prevent People from Gathering
on the Unsafe Spot.

The Following August, a Comment was left under a Post of One the Images.
“I passed that bridge when he was still alive…
he flew to pass underneath the bridge
but it was pretty dark already and he crashed against the bridge
leaving his neck broken. We couldn’t help him as the ice
was still too thin to walk on it. Was very sad”

 Another Swan Flying into a Solid Structure.

The Legal Status of Mute Swans in the United States
has Drastically Changed since 2003-2004.

Mute Swans are No Longer Protected by
the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) of 1918.

Until 2004-2005, the Practice to Pinion was a Swan Owner’s Choice.
Often Ignored.. Too much Trouble.  They Want the Beauty of the Full Wings.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

NOW the U.S. Federal Government WildLife Services Require
that Non-indigenous Mute Swans be Pinioned.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

Mute Swans are Required by Law in Canada to be Pinioned.
Mute Swans in the United States are NOT Allowed to be Feral.
Several States are Very Strict with these Requirement.
“ZERO Tolerance.”
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

In the United States, in the States where Mute Swans are still Allowed
to be Privately Owned, it is generally Required that these Mute Swans
be Pinioned to Discourage Feral Populations.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Several States that Still Allow Mute Swans
>> Require them to be Grounded.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Permits and Pinioning are Required in Several States..
Compliance will be Randomly Checked..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Some States may Tolerate Annual “Clipping.”  This MUST be Done.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

There is a State that Requires Mute Swans to be Enclosed in Fencing..
Totally.. Basically Caged.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Each State has Determined what will be Included
in their Mute Swan Management Policy.

More and More State are Prohibiting Ownership of Mute Swans.

There are States that Only have a few “Grand-fathered” Mute Swans.
These are Mute Swans that were Living there before the State’s
Management Policies changed to Prohibit Future Mute Swans..
These Mute Swans are Permitted to Remain > if Grounded.
but, Can NOT be Replaced. No Cygnets may Hatch.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
For Years these Social Birds will Live Alone.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

To Sell or Buy or Barter or Give a Mute Swan, Cygnet or their Eggs
to another Person in many States has become more Restricted.
Guideline and Regulation Differ in each U.S. State.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

Some States that “PERMIT” Captive Mute Swans
do not Allow Cygnets to Hatch.. Swan Eggs may Not be Sold.
So, Learning to Prevent Eggs Hatching is Necessary.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Responsible Care of your Swans and Cygnets will greatly
Reduce many SAD Outcomes to Swans that become Feral.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
The Beautiful Female Swans Above were Destroyed – Both Shot to Death.

As of 2022: It is still Legal – OK to Own and Care for Mute Swans
on Private Property in Pennsylvania.
Mute Swans are Classified as Exotic Domestic Poultry.
PA Swans can Reproduce and Cygnets be Adopted to New Home.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

In Pennsylvania, Feral Mute Swans are Classified as Vermin..
and may be Destroyed by any “humane” method 24 Hours a Day,
365 Days a Year.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Any Mute Swan, Adult or Cygnet that might Wander away from
Private Property into a Navigable Public Water Ways is Fair Game
to anyone who wants to Destroy these WayWard Swans.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

This includes any Mute Swan, that might Walk off Private Property
to Nest along a Nearby Stream, Creek, Lake, etc. Classified as Public.
Do your BEST to ENCOURAGE your Swans to Nest on your Private Property.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

**From a Print-Out for Navigable Water Ways in Pennsylvania.
“Depending on how a Swan Owner’s Property is Bordered or Crosses
some Water Ways which may be used by the Public for Recreation,
there will be Debates on where the Swans would be on
Legally Protected Private Property or considered Feral.
If you have any Doubt Check with your PA Regional (WCO)
WildLife Conservation Officer. ”
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Every Year or So there are Changes/Updates on the
PA Fish & WildLife – Game Commission WebSites.
Nothing in Favor of Relaxing the Regulations for the Mute Swans.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

It is STRONGLY Recommended to have Adult Swans Pinioned
and to Pinion their Off-Spring/Cygnets.
The PA Game Commission may Revise their Recommendations at any time.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

Before 2004-2005, the Mute Cygnets Living on Private Property
with Captive Swan Parents until they were 8-10 Months Old,
were Allowed to Simply Fly away when the Adult Pair
began Preparing for the next Nesting Season.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
A large Percentage of these young Swans are Ill prepared to Care
for themselves Living Feral-Free.
Their Captive Parents can not Teach them to Live as Wild Swans.
The few that Survive are the Feral Mute Swans,
that have become the Swans of “Lethal Management Practices”
in many States since 2004-2005.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

Feral Mute Swans are being Destroyed in more and more States
as a Lethal form of Management of the Mute Swans.
The Atlantic Flyway and the U.S. Hunting Lobby are basically
working toward Eradicating Mute Swans in the United States
and much of Eastern Canada.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Countless Thousands of these Beautiful, Graceful Swans have been
Destroyed in the last 15 years.
Mute Swans have been Maligned by most WildLife Services.
Animal Right Groups have been unable to Stop their Slaughter.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Public Push-Back has had Small Successes – Be a Voice for the Mute Swans.
Being Responsible Swan Owners will Help Prevent Feral – Free Flying Swans.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
It is Recommended that the Removal of Feral Mute Swans
be Done Out of View of the Public. To Avoid Public OutRage.

I will Add a Topic Page about >> “Silent Taking” Methods.
It is Difficult to Accept that these are “Humane Methods.”Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

ANY MUTE SWAN that becomes Feral in PA will not survive Long.
This is Posted in the PA Hunting & Trapping Digest..


Mute Swans are Considered an Invasive Species in the State.
The PAGC Recommends that the Feral Mute Swans be Removed
at any Opportunity.
There is No Closed Season and they may be taken at any time
on Public Lands and Waterways.
In PA Hunters Shoot as many Feral Swan as they can..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

There have NEVER been more then 100 Mute Swans living Feral in PA
According to the Mid-Summer Mute Swan Surveys conducted by
the Pennsylvania Game Commission in 2005 – 2008 – 2011.
(MSMSS) These Counts have been Discontinued.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Working with and Learning about Mute Swans over the Years,
I have come to Terms with the Benefit of Pinioning Swan Cygnets.
Any Swan that leaves your Private Property and becomes Feral and Free
WILL Pay Dearly.  Few will Survive.

This is Why I help Swan Folks Learn to Safely Pinion…
Keep Swans Grounded FlightlessALL these Darling Cygnets are Living on Private Ponds and Loved.

The FEW Young Mute Cygnets that are Rescued in the Spring..
are JUST LUCKY that someone found them before the Hunters.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

All Species of Swans will be Safer when Grounded.

Registered Trumpeter – Black Australian – Mute Swans
Whooper – Black Necked – Coscoroba Swan
( Tundra Swans are Prohibited as Captive Pets. )
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

All Species of Swans have the Same Hazards if they are Able to Fly.


Imagine this Scenario:
You have Just Purchased Mute Swans..
You have been Planning this for Weeks, maybe Months.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

You have Paid an Adoption Fee.. $600 to $1,500 to $2,000 Dollars.
Much more for the More Exotic.. Swans.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

You are Home.. Swans are out of their Transport Containers..
and Gliding Gracefully out on the Water Environment
you have been Planning to Enhance with their Beauty..

Your First Time to have these Magnificent Waterfowl..
You Turn to Sit on your Pond Bench.. Big Smile..
They are Finally here.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

As you Watch these BIG White Birds Exploring your Pond or Lake
they start to Run.. and Run Flapping..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

The Sound of BIG Webbed Feet Slapping on the Water Surface..
Their Black Eyes Gleaming… Flapping, Running..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Flapping Wings Lift the Swans off the Water.. then Quiet..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

A Beautiful, Breathtaking Sight as they Leave your Pond
Gaining Height, Clearing Shrubs, then Trees..
You are Sitting – Relaxing on your Bench.. Speechless..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
Odds are Good they WILL Fly Away. “Bye, Bye Birdies.” Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
They have NO Loyalty to You or your Pond/Lake.
( or your Lone Resident Swan ).
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
NEVER Put Swans on your Pond until you KNOW they are Flightless/Grounded
– Pinioned or Clipped.  CHECK their WINGs before Releasing to the Water.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Just Because you are Told.. you are Adopting a Pinioned Swan..
Not Everyone Does this Effectively.. CHECK the Wings.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
Watching Swans in Flight is Breathtaking.
Watching Your Swans Fly Away is Heartbreaking.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

The Purchase and Care of Swans is not Cheap.
Prices vary by Age, Specie, Availability, Location, Breeder or BackYard Ponds.
…They are not Cheap. You will not be Happy if to see your Swans
go for a Morning Flight on a Cool, Stiff Breeze and just keep going,
leaving you with a few White Feathers.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Trying to Catch Swans that Fly is Very Difficult.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

This is the Risk of having Full-Winged Swans..
Odds are Always there that they WILL Fly Away.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

Most Swans and Cygnets are ReHomed/Adopted during
the Last Summer and Early Fall.. When Air is Still Thin..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless All Five Cygnets Above were into New Home by September.

When we get to Cooler Mornings.. Cool Fall Mornings.
The Air is Denser.. and Swans Enjoy Flying..
Swans get a Twinkle in their Eyes.. Turn to a Brisk Breeze..
Wings Start to Flap… They Run Across the Water ..
and May Lift up into the Air.. A BIG Risk they will Fly Away.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless The Swans in these Two Images are Pinioned.. and Just Play Chasing.
They Can NOT Fly Away. Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

To PINION Pet Swans is Responsible.  Yes, My Opinion..LMS
The RESPONSIBLE thing to do is to Pinion Cygnets.

Then Arrange New Homes for them by Fall.. NOT Release.
DO NOT Allow them to Fly Away and become Feral.. and Shot.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Understanding How and When to Pinion Swan Cygnets
will Minimize many of the Problems of Full Wing Swans
for Current and Future Swan Owner-Adopters.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Done Properly a Pinioned Wing will Appear Fairly Normal.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

I have Helped a Wide Variety of People Learn in Person.. and with these WebPages..
Swan Folks and Veterinarians have Used this Procedure on their Own..
and Called to let me know.

As Far as Hurting the Tiny Cygnets..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

I can say, most of these Folks are Surprise that the only Time
the Cygnets feel Pain.. is the Second you PULL the Dental Tape Tight.
ONE Second to Save their Life and Improve their Future as Pets.
When You Cut the Wing Tip – they do not Flinch..
( IF the Tape is TIGHT ! )

A Spring Cygnet that is not Pinioned and is Flying by Late Summer,
knows the World is a Bigger Place then its Home Pond..
Catching to Clip them is VERY TRICKY.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

A Cygnet’s Instinct to Fly is Intense when their First Flight Feathers Emerge.
Their First Primary Flight Feather are BLOOD Feathers..
You will have to be Very Careful to Clip them Safely.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Once a Swan Cygnet Learns to Fly, they are Harder to Keep in Place.
We have tried – FRUSTRATING.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

I will be Happy to Talk you Through.. or Answer ANY Questions.
I will be Happy to be on the Phone as you do the Pinion Procedure..
Their Future Safety as Captive Pets is the Goal..
FEBRUARY 2022 AS LONG as I can.. I will Share Information..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Pinioning is Permanent

For a While I was Recommending Folks have their Veterinarian
Assist at least the First Time.

I have Learned that Just Finding an Avian/Exotic Veterinarian
is NOT Enough.

As Time Passes, I find that it is NOT Easy to Find Veterinarians
that are Trained or Willing to Treat Swans OR Pinion !

SEEK Exotic – Avian Trained DVM / VMDs.
You will Also Need their Help to Control Parasites.

Check Your Area for an Avian Veterinarian

TO Pinion an Older Cygnet or Adult Swan is Time Consuming
and Hard on the Swan and their Owners.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
It is Only done Safely by an Avian/Exotic Veterinarian
WILLING to Preforms this Procedure.

To Pinion Older Cygnets-Swans Safely

As I Interact with Swan Folks across the Country,
I am hearing more People are Learning their Veterinarians
are NOT Willing. They will NOT Pinion.. ONLY Clip..
They Express they have an Ethical Issue to Pinion Swans.
– Considering Swans Wild Waterfowl.
SO, Start Early to CALL Avian Veterinarians,
so you Know what your Options are.

We have Learned Over the Years, how Tragic it is when a Swan is Lost.
Lost to a Predator, Lost to an Injury, Lost to an Illness.
All Hard to Prevent. These Losses are Heart Wrenching..

But, Watching a Beloved Swan Spread it Wings and take Flight
with NO Guarantee that they will Return to your Property..
Anxiety and Apprehension..

Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

I have had Too Many Calls from Anguished Swan Folks
Fearing their Swan is Gone. Many are.

Some have been able to Keep Track of their Swans for a Few Days or Weeks.
Only a Few have been Successful bring them back Home.. Clipping ASAP.
BE SURE TO CLIP when you have hold of your Swan..

Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

The Young Swan Above was a Rescue.  It Took Time for him to Socialize.


Mute Swans that Fly are at High Risk of Perishing.
Ask me.. I have a Growing List of Swans that Flew Away.
Many, we will Never Learn what Fate they Met.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

With Each Passing Year.. I have Contact with More and More
Swan Folks, who find this Website.. And Get in Touch with me.

I Listen to their Stories of Anguish and Woe.
They are Hoping I Will Tell them their Swans will Return.
This is a Very Hard Lesson for Swan Owners to Learn.

Occasionally, I Learn of some Lucky Swan that is Rescued
and Brought Back to Private Property.. Home ! ( BIG SIGH ! )
>>> CLIP that Swan BEFORE Putting Back on Your Pond.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Swans do have Good Memories.. If they Left and Decide to
Return Days, Weeks or Months Later.. it was their Choice.

OOOOOOHHHH… the Wind.. Be Aware of Windy Days..

Cool Windy Fall Days.. the Air is Dense and Flight is Easy.
Swans – All Waterfowl LOVE the Freedom of Flight.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Flight Capable Swans may Take to Air and Fly about Close to Home…
…If It is NOT Storming and Visibility is Good they may Return.
Swans are Visual and they Know where they are.. In Good Weather.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Flight Worthy Swans do become Lost when there is a Nasty Storm
with Rain or Snow.. when Land Marks are more Blurred
from their Vision.. Some Mute Swans Get Blown Far Away..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
We have Rescued Several Swans after Storms..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Swans Living Free – Feral will be Exposed to MANY Hazards.

There are SO Many Dangers for a Swan that Flies.
Swans are at more Risk of Mortal Injuries. Few will Get Help.
Mute Swans that Fly Away may not Survive for Long.

Keep Your Swans Grounded – Flightless – for their Safety.
It is Important your Swans are GROUNDED..
( I Know I AM REPEATING Myself. )

Pinioned Cygnets and Swans have a BETTER Chance
to be Captive, Private Property Pets..
They can Still Walk – Wander About..  You Still Need to Keep Track of them..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Pinioned Swans have Difficulty Trying to Fly during the
Hot Summer Months.. the Air is Too Thin.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

BUT, in the Fall and Winter the Air is Denser..
Add a Cool Brisk Breeze.. and Some “Grounded”
Swans will be able to go for Short Flights.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Proper Pinioning makes Balancing Difficult..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Knowing that there are Swan Folks who will NOT be Responsible
and Ignore Pinioning Cygnets that Hatch on their Ponds
is VERY Disappointing. They are Enjoying their Swans..Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

But they Allow these Cygnets to Fly Away,
while there are Other Folks who have Been Waiting to Adopt Swans..

Keep Swans Grounded Flightless


CAPTIVE MUTE SWANS are not Migratory.

Mute Swans are NOT Migratory Birds.
They will not Fly South in the Fall..for the Winter Months.
They will not Fly to the Chesapeake Bay..
Living Feral-Wild Mute Swans normally move
about an area of Three to Five Square Miles.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Captive Pet Swans that Fly Away ARE NOT Migratory Waterfowl.
Mute Swans are NOT Migratory Waterfowl..
Trumpeter Swans Raised in Captivity are NOT Migratory Waterfowl.
Captive Raised Trumpeter Cygnets DO NOT LEARN to Migrate.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Escaped Feral “Pet” Swans will not have an Easy Time Surviving,
Especially in the Northern States.
There are an Average of Five Winter Months with Little Natural Food.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless


Living in Wilderness Areas there are Natural Hazards for Swans.
Living near Humans, there are many more Hazards.

Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
Over Head Electric Wires.. Swans are in Danger of being Electrocuted..
Their Forward Vision is Poor.. they do NOT See the Thin Wires.
They Fly into Electric Wire and are Electrocuted..

The Power Lines along a Rural Road may carry 7,200-14,000 Volt Circuits.
In Larger Towns there are Power Lines carrying more than 19,000 volts.
Coming in Contact with any of those Voltages would be Deadly.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

If a Swan happens to touch TWO Wires at once, or a Wire and a Ground,
they will Probably be Electrocuted.
If they Survive, the Severe Burns will do far more Damage then will be Noticed at first.
A Fair Percentage will need to be Euthanized,
unable to Recover from unseen Internal Burns.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Over the 2021 Winter Holidays.. I Received a Call from a Person in my Swan Network.
A Man who for Several Years has been Actively
Caring for the Swans on a Large Retirement Community Lake.
Polish Female Mute Swan

While he was on Vacation, FAR from Home..
One of the Young 2021 Cygnets – 7 Months Old.. (Above is an Example )
Flew into Electric Wire, was Electrocuted – ( Did Not Survive )
and Knocked out the Power for the Surrounding Area..Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

The Electric Utilities were NOT Happy, the State Police were NOT Happy,
the State’s WildLife Services were NOT Happy,
the Lake Community was NOT Happy..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
Now ALL the FULL Wing Swans that have been Living on this
Lake have Questionable Futures.. NO One wants a Repeat.
The Man who has been Caring for the Swans.. Loving them
will not have the Final Says..

  A Very Pleasant Surprise.. ONE Young Cygnet has Survived being Electrocuted !
Memorial Day Weekend 2022.. A Wayward Mute Cygnet Flew UP into the Transmission Lines
of a Small Area Town.. Shorted OUT the Area,.. and Fell Lifeless to the Ground.

Electrocuted Swan Cygnet
I will Summarize the Month Long Story..  The Stunned Cygnets… Yes, it was Alive..
was Taken to an Animal Rescue Group.. Evaluated by a Veterinarian..
Watched for a Month.. DNA Determined MALE.. and a Private Home Arranged.
This is the FIRST Swan I have Know to Survive Electrocution.

Living in Areas with Over Head Telephone and TV Cable Wires,
Swans can get Tangled
Communication Wires have Lower Potential for Electric Shock..
But, they can Still be a TANGLE Hazard..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

It is Impossible to tell what Voltage a Wire may be Carrying
just from looking at it or whether a Particular Wire Carries Electricity,
Phone or Cable TV Service.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

The Normal Voltage in Telephone Wires that provides the Dial Tone
is not Dangerous. When a Phone Rings, a Series of High Voltage AC
Surges up to 100 Volts, and this can be Mildly Shocking.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless So Many Over Head Wires.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

With Wing Spans Six to Eight Feet, any Cables or Rope
between any two Points may be a Tangling Hazard.

Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
Even Country Clothesline Ropes..Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

FENCING:Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Swans Mis- Judging Fences – Common Injury – Broken Neck..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
A Fence Meant to Protect Could become a Hazard for a Flying Swan.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - FlightlessElectric and Barb Wire Fences are Difficult to See from a Distance.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
Flying around a Country Farm, a Swan may become Tangled
in Wire Fencing, Electric Pasture Fencing, Barb-Wire.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
The Struggle to Free Itself …well, it will not be Pretty.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Just his Neck Fits Through this Garden Fence.


WET ROADs – Wet Parking Lots:

On Rainy Days, Swans may see a Wet Rain Soaked Asphalt Roads as a Stream.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Or a Wet Parking Lot as a Pond..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
Attempting to Land on these Wet Surfaces they Break Legs or Foot Bones.
Frequently Broken Leg Bones Result in Euthanasia.

Below ???  Parking Lot or Pond.. ??
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
Like other Waterfowl, Swans may Fly into Moving Cars or Trucks, etc.
Especially on Rainy Days.



TOO Many Swans are Hit by Vehicles..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
The Young Male below.. Had the Impact to his Head.. He was Stunned for Days.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Swans are BIG BIRDs.. They can Scare a Driver,
Possibly Causing an Accident.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
If the Police are able to Track the Swan/Cygnet back to your Property..
YOU are Liable..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless


Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

Feral Swans Lost and Wandering
– Flying about from Place to Place – Become Rogue Swans.

These Swans might End-Up in a Public Places that may Abuse them.
Since they do not belong to Anyone.. they often do not get Help when Hurt.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

A Rogue Swan may FLY into an Established Swan Pond..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
Disrupting the Established Swans that are in Captive Care..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
We had our Lives Turned UpSide Down by a Rogue Female Swan.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

The Result..  We Lost All Three Swans in the End.


Swans are NOT Welcome Guests in Private Swimming Pools..
NOT Welcome ! ! BIG BIRDs.. Lots of Poop..
Mute Swan Swimming Pool Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

If a Rogue, Feral, Wild or Pet Swan, Duck or Goose
Finds a Swimming Pool and Decided this a Safe Place to Enjoy..

They will be DRINKING the Chlorinated Water the Entire Time
they are in the Pool. This could Damage their Internal Organs.
 WHY we Ground Captive Swans

This Pool Cover Below would Look like Water from Above.. A Landing Place ???
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - FlightlessComing in for a Landing !  Keeping Your Swans Grounded - FlightlessPerfectly Done on REAL Water.


Flying Into an Area where Hunting is Allowed.
In Most States the WildLife Services Remove Feral Swans.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

Many Feral Swans in PA are Found in the Sight of
a Hunter’s Rifle and Shot Dead.
A Percentage of Hunters feel “If they Fly.. they Die..”
BOOM !Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

In PA Mute Swans must stay on Private Property or they are Likely Destroyed.
On Public Lands and Public WaterWays they are Fair Game 365 Days a Year.


FLYING NEAR AIRPORTS:    This might be a Rare Risk..

How Dangerous is Bird Strike on an Airplane?
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

Swans that are Flying About an Airport are a REAL HAZARD to the AirCraft..
These LARGE Birds Getting Sucked into an ENGINE
will Likely Cause Engine Damaged.

Because of their large Size, Mute Swans pose an Aviation Hazard
in the Event of Collision with an Aircraft. Three such Collisions have
been reported from JFK Airport in New York despite Active Management
of Swans on the Airport Property (NYSDEC 2017).

From 1988 to 2017, a total of 263 Civilian Aircraft were either Destroyed
or Damaged beyond Repair due to Wildlife Strikes around the World.
98% of Wildlife Strikes are Bird Strikes.

Below are Migrating Tundra Swans..
They are a Concern for Airports During the Season they are On the Move.Keeping Your Swans Grounded - FlightlessIf the Swans Keep Moving Great or the Air Traffic may be Delayed
Until the Swans are Not Near the Airport Run Ways.

DNR might be Called to Come, Chase or Destroy these Swans if Necessary.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

Basically… the Mute Swans that Fly near an Airport are Destined to Perish.
They are Not Protected as are the Tundra Swans.


Life is Very Difficult for Feral Swans..

In 2022 I Talked with a Person who Lives in a Large Golf Community.
They have Swans that are Not Pinioned..
One of their Females Flew into the UpStair’s Picture Window
of One LakeSide Home – it was a Fatal Flight.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Pinion

This Swan Flew THROUGH a Bathroom Window.  Surprise !
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

Just thinking about All the Possible Dangers to your Beautiful Swans…
the Act of Pinioning starts to Sound like a Reasonable Safety Precaution.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

CLIPPING is the Second Accepted Way to Keep Your Swans Flightless.
It Takes 5-10 Minutes Once you have Hold of a Swan..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

It is a Challenge to Sell, or Re-Home a Full-Wing Mute Swan/Cygnet.
Being Pinioned is BEST..  Much more Adoptable..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
Proper Clipping will keep a Swan Grounded until
their Next Annual Moult is Complete.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

A New Owner Should be WILLING to keep these Swans Properly “Clipped.”
And UNDERSTAND what this means.
If you Acquire a Feral Rescued Swan… from a WildLife Rescue Group..
these Swans will Likely be Full-Winged.   BE SURE TO ASK About this !Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

It is SO IMPORTANT While Adjusting a FULL-WING SWAN to a
New Home that they are CLIPPED to Keep them Grounded.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

I have talked with Numerous People, who Purchased Full-Wing Swans
that Flew Away.. in a few Short Days. Few Folks ever get them back.

Or have Gotten a Swan from a Rescue Group..
( Many Rescue Groups do not like to even Clip )
And Days-Weeks later the Swan Flies Away.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

These Swans were Lucky to be Rescued the First Time..
There was Time and Resources to Care for these Mute Swans until Healthy..
These Rescued Mute Swans may NOT be Release to the Wild.
But, then Given to People who do not Know.. the Swan might Fly Away..
These Swans are Back OUT in the Dangerous Feral Environment
they were Rescued from.. ( SIGH ! )
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

If You are NOT Comfortable Clipping..Ask Your Veterinarian
to Assist You. This Topic Page Information will Help.

Clipping Captive Swan Pets

You will Need to be Extra Careful with Growing Cygnets.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

 Swans are NOT Clipped like House Birds, Ducks or Geese..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

This Needs to be Done Annually after Your Swans Moults.

Timing this is Tricky.. and You MUST Observe the Stages of Moulting
their Primary Flight Feathers to do this Safely and Successfully.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

I have Documented the Stages of Moulting..
on the Clipping Captive Swan Pets Page.

I Understand the Difficult Challenge to >>> TIME Clipping.
NOT ALL Swans Moult at the Same Time..
Pens Moult First.. the Cobs Moult about a Month Later.
If a Swan is in Poor Health, that may Delay a Proper Moult.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

If your Swans and/or Cygnets are Full-Wing..
There is a Short Window of Time for the Optimal Time to Clip..
The Risk of being Late by a Few Days or Weeks is a Swan that Flies Away..

THE Most Concerning Time is as Fall Approaches and the Air Cools.
On a Cool Crisp Day ADD a Breeze and Swans WANT to Fly.

This Wonderful Image of Whooper Swan Cygnets was Shared by a Gal in Finland.
They are Wild.. Free to Fly as their Natural Instinct is in Control.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

I Feel it is VERY UNWISE to have TWO Full-Wing Swans on the Same Pond..
They would Need to be Clipped at Different Times.
This was the Exception.. a VERY Dedicated Adopter..
A Gal who Wanted to Try having the THREE Rescued Mute Cygnets Above
Come to Live on her Large Mountain Lake.  She has DONE Well.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
It has been SIX Years and ALL Three Swans are Still on her Lake.
The Three Together have had Periods of Seasonal Squabbling.
The Large Water Environment has Provided Space for them to Work it Out.
With Each Passing Year, they are Doing Better as a Mute Threesome.



The Person who DID this HAD NO IDEA what they were Doing.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Several Images are of a very CRUDE Attempt to Clip. Cutting through Blood Feathers.
The Stated Purpose was to Constrict Band Amputate the Portion of Wing.. to Pinion.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless The Tight Green Band was not Stopping the Bleeding.
After Several Days this Cygnet was Surrender to us..
ASAP, we took him to our Avian Veterinarian.
The Cut Feathers Blood Loss was Significant.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

His Blood Values were Terrible.. He was Not Eating.
We had Two Days to Try to Stabilize him Physically.
His Mutilated Wing Started to SMELL TERRIBLE !
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
The Sliced Wing Skin was Developing Wet Gangrene.
The Infected Portion of the Wing was Surgically Removed.
We had Named him “Liberty” – he did not Survive.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

“Liberty” had been a BIG Healthy 11 Month Old Cygnet
before his Owner Allowed someone Else to do this.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless Over Time I have Learned of Several other Barbaric Practices to Pinion.


The Safest, Simplest Time to Pinion is when Cygnets are Tiny.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

I Will Always be Sad to take Flight Away from Swans.
I have to keep Reminding myself.. that they will be Safer..
Grounding is what Allows us to keep Swans as Pets..Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

I am Sure there will be Lots of Debate on what is Wise
and What is Best.. and What is Right.. ..We Pinion.

This Information is a Work in Progress…..
Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger . . . . .  . . UpDated FEBRUARY 2024

Below are Several Examples of the Sad OutCome of Full-Wing Swans..

The Sad Saga of a Swan named “Prince Harry.”

“Prince Harry” was Rescued in Early Summer of 2015,
by a Dedicated, Active Wildlife Rescue Group..  He was Injured – Found Living Feral.
The WildLife Rescue Group cared for him for Weeks until his Health Improved.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

In PA, WildLife Rescue Groups are Allowed to Care for Mute Swans
that are Brought in from a *Feral Situation.
But Unlike other Wild Animals and Birds that they Care for and Release,
the Mute Swans MAY NOT be Release back to Live in the Wild-Feral.
Mute Swans will Need a Private Property Adoption..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

I Arranged for a Home for this Full-Wing Juvenile Male Mute.
I EXPLAINED to the Adopter that this Swan would NEED to be Clipped Annually.
They already had a Pinioned Juvenile Female on their Pond.
“Prince Harry” was Placed on the Family’s BackYard Pond in Mid-Summer of 2015.Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

On Arrival to us, We Clipped “Harry” ASAP to keep him Grounded..
His Moult was just Starting..
So Clipping would Need to be done Again after his Moult Completed..
Not as Trusting yet, No One could Get Hold of  “Harry”..
I Reminded the Adopter Several Time.. We would come Help.. “No, he is OK.”
On a Breezy November Day… OFF “Prince Harry” Flew !!!  AND FLEW !!
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Rob and I had an Amazing “Rescue” Catching “Harry”.. Unbelievable Story.
Talk about “DUMB Luck”.. “Prince Harry” was ALSO VERY Lucky.”
He was Clipped ASAP Following this November Adventure ! !
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

After his Moult in Summer 2016.. This Busy Person did not Clip him..
I Reminded Multiple Times.. “It was TIME to Clip ! ! ”
On a Chilly February Day ( 2017) while Visiting.. I Reminded AGAIN !!!
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

“NO Problem, “Harry” has Not been Trying to Fly.”
He is Settled in here.. “Harry” is OK..
>>>>> WRONG !
We Learn Later, his Wife Saw “Harry” Flying.

Two Days Later, “Harry” Left… Flying about to Local Country Ponds..
There are Roughly 12-15 Small to Medium Size Ponds that are Short Flights.
He would be Gone for Days or Weeks at a Time.. then Return.

Now and then “Harry” would Stop at Home for Quick Visits..
But, he was Basically a “Rogue Swans.”
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

He was almost Three Years Old in the Winter of 2016-2017.
A Gentle Cob. For some Reason, he did not Pair-Bond
with the Female that was on this Private Family Pond.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

There was One Time he was “Dirty Harry” when he Flew Home.
Good Grief… Where had he Been ? ?
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
One Morning, the Family looked out – “Prince Harry” was there.
They Noticed Something LOOKED Odd with “Harry.”
Getting Closer, OH NO.. what Happened !!!

“Harry” was Eating, Drinking, otherwise looked OK.. ?????
Except he was Bleeding.. ! !  His One Wing was Mangled ! !
The Couple went into the VERY COLD February Pond to get him..

We got a Call from “Harry’s” Owner. “Harry” was Hurt ! !
“Harry” had became Tangled in Something and Severely Broken One Wing..
Poor Guy.. “Harry” could not tell Anyone how it happened. ? ?
He was Lucky to be Alive. He got Home Somehow.

“Harry” was taken to an Avian Veterinarian due
to an Almost Total Traumatic Wing Amputation.
The Stump NEEDed to be Cleaned, Prepared and Properly Closed..
One of the WORST Wing Injuries I have seen..
Almost Twisted Completely OFF..Terrible ! !
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

“Prince Harry’s” Owner was Stepping-up to try to get him through this.
I have Cared for my Share of Severe Injuries.. It is Full-Time Care.
It would have been much Easier to Put “Harry” Down.. Sad Thought.

There was NO Chance to Stabilize this Swan..
An Unknown Blood Loss – NO Choice Surgery NOW !!
This had to be Addressed NOW.. ! !
“Harry’s” Broken Bones were Oozing Blood.
There was just an Inch of Skin Holding the Primary and
Secondary Section of his Wing together. It would be a Quick
Snip.. Debride, Clean – Stitch the Stump, Dress the Wound.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

The Surgery was Done.. Completed..
But, “Harry” did not Wake-Up from the Anesthesia.
His Loss was Heart Breaking for All of Us..

Sadly, the Fast Trip to a Veterinarian was NOT Successful.

If “Harry” had Survived, NO Pond TIME.. Kept DRY and Quiet.
He would need Antibiotics Twice a Day for Several Weeks..
Probiotics X2 Daily, Bandage Changes, Sponge Baths to keep his
Waterproofing and his Bottom Cleaned..

Maybe One or Two Trips to the Vets Office for Rechecks..
A Special Vitamin-Mineral Supplement to help him Replace the Lost Blood.

His Wing Stump Kept Dry until the Stitches Come Out.
They would need to keep his Feet on Soft Substrate
to Prevent Bumble Sores.

Lots of Clean-up – Swans are BIG Messy Birds.
Kept in a Safe Place. ETC. The Family has 3 Small Girls..
It would be a Big Chunk of Time in their Day.

The ONE Big Worry, we were all Helpless to Control was “Stress Mortality.”
There is No Way to know what “Prince Harry” went through
when he was Injured.  During the next 2-3 weeks,
he could Die from Capture Myopathy-“White Muscle Disease.”

Everything done at the Vet’s and Post-op Care can be Perfect.
But, the Stress of his Entanglement may have Sealed his Fate.
You hold your Breath for about a Month.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless This Gentle Male – Full-Wing Feral Rescue. Knew the World was a Bigger Place.
We Could NOT Keep him in Place when his Wings could Carry him Away.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless “Prince Harry” Lived Flying Free for Less then a Year.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

The Saga of “Gilbert” Sad, but True.

A Young Male Mute 11-23 Months Old.. ??  Very Confusing History.
Early April..  “Gilbert” was Advertised
To be ReHomed – Free for the Taking..
“Gilbert” had Started to Chase the Owner’s Dog, etc.

“Gilbert” had been Alone for Close to 8 Months
on a Large Tree Lined BackYard Pond.
( Where NO One had Observed him Flying.)
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

The Happy Adopter was TOLD this young Male was DNA Checked
and Pinioned. ( The Original BackYard Breeder, Said this. )

“Gilbert” was Released Shortly onto the New Family’s Pond..

Thrilled to have this Young Male Swan, I was Contacted
to see if I might Know of an Available Female.

Yes, I had a Young Female on my ReHome List.. Yeah !
She was 11 Months Old. She was Not Pinioned.
She is Full-Wing..Clipped for Now.
I Explained what would Need to be Done in the Future.
She would be Grounded until Late July-Early August.

The Man Drove to Pick-up the Female.. A Long Round Trip.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

They Arrived Home to an Empty Pond.. NO “Gilbert” ! !
“Gilbert” was Located Swimming on a Neighbor’s Pond..

This Very New Swan Novice went to Feed “Gilbert” at the Neighbor’s..
One Day, maybe Two Days. Then “Gilbert” was GONE Again..

Searching Local Ponds and Streams.. He FINALLY Found “Gilbert”
on a Pond 1/4 Mile Away..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
Again Arranging Permission to Feed “Gilbert.”  Hope to Get Hold of him.
Several Days Later, we had a VERY Windy Day State Wide..
This Time “Gilbert” Flew off into the Clear Blue Air.
Now he was Really Gone..

This Young Male..ca. 22-23 Months Old.. is now a Rogue..
He is just Out and About.. where the Blue Sky Takes him..
Until he is Not.. “Gilbert’s” Fate is UnKnown..

This Unsure Outcome.. means “Gilbert” could Bounce about
and Maybe Return once in a while..
NO Loyalty to Anyone or any Body of Water..

A Rogue Swan can be a REAL Problem to an Established Swan Pond.
Sigh !!! Just Ask me.
Our WHOLE Swan World Changed on a Chilly February the 14th..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - FlightlessIn One Day our Male was Smitten with this Rogue Female.
We Tried to Catch her and Move her to a New Home..  NO LUCK !

If you Chose Not to Pinion.. and the Cygnets Fly Away.
They will more then Likely be Destroyed..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - FlightlessIn PA it is Not Legal to Release Mute Swans or their Cygnets into the Wild.
Sadly, it is not the Swan Owners who Pays a Fine..
It is the Swans or Cygnets, they Pay with their Lives.
The Discarded Pinioned Pen Below was Shot to Death.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
Few are Rescued, most are Destroyed.. They are Fairly Helpless.

Your Tiny Cygnet will Grow Quickly.. Summer Days will Pass..
When Fall Arrives.. you Need to have Plans for Rehoming-Adopting Cygnets.
Young Swans are Much Better Pets, if they Do NOT Fly Away..
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

The Parent Swans are Ready for them to Leave..
We Rarely have the Adult Swans Show any Sign of Missing them by Sept-Oct.
Healthy Cygnets do well their First Winter.. They are Ready.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

The First Weeks after Hatching, If the Cygnets are Taken or Lost
the Parents will Search and Call for them for Several Day..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
All of her Tiny Cygnets were Gone in 12 Days.

If your Adults are Full-Winged,
when their Cygnets are around 3-4 Months Old..
It will be TIME to Clip your Adults to Prevent them from Flying.
The Instinct is there for the Parents to Teach their Cygnets to FLY..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless The Adult Swans will start to Run over the Water Flapping their Wings..
It Start as “Play Chasing”.. This will Strengthen the Cygnets’ Wings..Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless In a Short Time the Group will try to go to Air..
If your Adults are Grounded that will Minimize the Risk.
BUT, there will Still be an Instinct in the Cygnets to try to Fly…
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless ( If the Cygnets are NOT Pinioned. )
DO CLIP them once you See their Primary Wing Feathers Fully Emerged..
Use Care NOT to Clip Where there is Blood in the Primary Feather Shafts.
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless

If the Cygnet Never Learn to Fly, it will be easier to Keep them in Place..
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless


Keeping Captive Birds that through Natural Adaptation or Selective Breeding
have lost the ability to Fly removes the need for Pinioning;
for example, keeping Indian Runner Ducks as opposed to Wild-type Mallard Ducks.

Quality of Life:
The Removal of a Body Part of a Captive Animal-Bird by Human Beings
is an Issue of Contention (see animal rights).
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Permanent Enclosures Designed to Prevent Accidental Egress (escape) of Swans
Removes the need for Pinioning. These are Extremely Confining Habitats.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Quality of Life for a Captive Animal-Bird is often used to justify Modifications.
In most Circumstances, if Swans are to be kept in Captivity,
Pinioning can Increase their Quality of Life.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless

Captive Swans allowed to Roam a Property and Pond
have a Higher Quality of Life through their Freedom of Movement,
Allowance for Natural Behaviors, and Increased Mental Stimulation
when compared to Penning in a Fenced Enclosure.
Keep Swans Grounded Flightless
Keeping Your Swans Grounded - Flightless
We Live with Swans between Semi-Captive and Semi-Free.


Many of the Swans that we Enjoyed are Now Distant Memories.
Watercolor Memories
Swans we have Loved and Lost.

Keep Swans Grounded Flightless