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Swan Body Language & Vocals

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There are Common Behaviors that Swans use to Express their Moods and “Talk” to each Other.

If you take the time to watch them closely, you will learn many things about them and how they Communicate with Each Other.

Swans Talking together
AND How they will Communicate with YOU !

Swan Snorts Hello

Mute Swan Body Language & Vocals

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Mute Swan Cob Busking

The More Time we Spend with our Animal and Bird Pets,
the More we try to Communicate with them and
the More they try to Communicate with Us.

Mute Cygnet Whistles
Having the Privilege of Spending Time with many Swans over the Years, we are aware of some of the Common ways Swans Communicate with Each Other.
Swans Talk to Each Other

Mute Swans Talking

Swans Greeting Each Other

Swans I Like You

Swan Body Language

I Like You Swans
Nodding a “Hello” Reply.
Swan Hello

Happy Swan Greeting
Their Body Language can Speak Volumes.

Swans in Love

Happy  Joy
Happy Mute Swan

Swans I Like YouSwans Happy Together

                                              Happy Greeting Happy Male Swans

Some Times a LOOK Says it All.   Swan Body Language

Mute Swan Canada Goose

    Happy Display
Happy Male SwansSwans Snort HelloSwan Asking for VegetablesSnorting “Thank YOU” for Food and Treats.
Mute Swan VocalMute Swan PairHappy SwanSleepy Swans
      Swans May Nap Floating Upright in the Water.

I Like You Swans“I Like You.”
Swan Hugs SwanYoung Male Hugs a New Female.

Welcome New SwanSnorting a Welcome to a new Female Swan.

Swan Expresses Happiness “Adoring” the Young Cygnets.

Swan Listens to Cygnets                        Juvenile Swan Listens to Cygnet’s Story.

Swans Happy Greeting

A Real Swan Lake Ballet

Swans Happy Together

Mute Swans do have Vocals..
Young Cygnets “Whistle and Chirp.”

Swans Cygnets Whistle

Very Young Cygnets Naturally Greet Friendly People. Cygnet GreetingMute Swan Greeting
Older Cygnets and Adults “Snort’ and “Grunt” and “Arf.”
Swan Snorts Hello Some Swans “Mutter” and “Hum.”A Muttering Swan

When you approach your Swans for a Visit,
as you make Eye Contact, Nod “Yes” and Say “Hello.”

Nod Hello to Your Swan

There is a Good Chance your Swans
will quickly raise and lower their Head to Greet You.
Female Swan Say Hello

Swan Hello

Both Adult Swans and Cygnets will Nod “Hello.”

Swan Cygnet Hello

Greeting a Swan

Greeting a Swan

Swan Cygnet Nods Hello

Many Swans will “Snort, Snort, Snort” to say
“Thank You” when you bring them Food or Treats.

Swan Snorts Thank You

Swan Snorts Thank You

Swans are Polite and will take Turns with each other.
Swans are PoliteSwans Sharing a Head of Lettuce.
Swans Let Us Play

Swans are Emotional Creatures.

Swans Affection Greeting

Young Mute Juvenile Swans – “I Like You” Vocals
Necks Puffed-up with Happy Emotions.
One Mating Pair at the VERY End…

Swan Neck Puffed-up   Swans Expressing Happiness.

Swan King of his PondKing of his Pond

Swan Pond King

They express Happiness, Love, Patience, Loyalty,
Trust and Distrust.

Happy Swan
Happy Snorting
Swans PreeningPreening Together is Social Time.
Swans in LoveMale Swan tells his Female he Loves her.
Young Swans Pair BondingYoung Swans Pair Bonding
Swans in LoveSwans in Love
Mother's LoveMother’s Love – A Loving Dam

Swan Trust  Trust

Swan Happy Greeting

Suddenly Alone this Young Female is Afraid to Trust Us.Lone Female Swan

Male Swans are Known for their Aggression.Aggressive Mute Swan Cob          Aggressive Mute Swan Cob
Male Mute Cob
They Threaten, Display Anger,
Fear, Concern, Sadness, Loneliness.

Swan chasing Swan

Never Turn Your Back on a Hormonal Male Swan.
Aggressive Mute Swan Cob Threatening
Angry Swan CobAngry Swan Cob
Mute Cob Killing WhiteMute Swan Cob “Killing” White Pillow

Mute Swan AttackThis is NOT Good to Witness.
Mute Swan Canada Goose

Swan killing Swan in High Park, Toronto
THE People just stand there WATCHING..
They do not understand what they are Seeing. SAD.

Swan Afraid DogsSwans will Alarm when they are Afraid.

We See Wing Flitting… Might be Tenseness.Swan Cygnet

Mute Swan Alarm Calls

Swan Cygnets Miss their DamHand Raised Mute Swan Cygnets miss their Parents.

Young Swan All AloneA Lonely Swan
Young Swan All Alone

Swans can be Silly, Joyful, Playful and Tease each Other..

Claudiu Claus FaceBook Page
Swan Plays Ball with a Beach Person..

Swans Joyful Greeting

Swan Cygnets Excited Play

Swans can get Excited when they are Happy.
Swan Cygnets Excited Play

The Swan “Play Chases” a Duck that Teases her.Swan Play chasing DuckSwan ExcitedTeasing – Playing a Joke.Teasing Swans

Teasing Swans Teasing Swans

  Whooper Swans and Mute Swans Dancing

Preening or FlirtingPreening or Flirting ???

Swan Stretching his LegWhy are their Feet in the Air ??
Swan with Foot on Back

Swans Doing the Paper Work.Swans Wag their TailsBlowing Bubbles
Swan Blowing BubblesSwans Establishing Pecking Order – Shoulder Nipping.
Swans Pecking Order
Swan Cob Protecting his Female.
Swan Cob Protecting Female

Mute Swan Bonded Pair

Swan Cob-Sire Protecting his Family.
Swan Sire Protecting Family
Swan Pen-Dam Chasing Cygnet from Danger.
Swan Dam Chasing Wayward Cygnet
Mute Swan Male BuskingBusking can be Hard to Read…
Some Times it is a Threat…
Some Times it is an Excited Greeting…
BEST to be Careful…

I Walked TOO Close to his Pond.
Mute Swan Stay BackMute Cob Bites Boot

Adult Male is Chasing off his Cygnet. Adult Swan Chases Cygnet

As you Spend Time with Swans, you will realize how Intelligent they are.  It may not happen Immediately, but they will Problem Solve.
Swan Problem Solves

 Male Swan Thinking and Planning to Build a New Nest.
Swan Cob PlanningSwan Cob PlanningSwan Cob PlanningMute Swan Cob PlanningMute Swan Cob PlanningMute Swan Cob PlanningMute Swan Cob Planning
Swans are Curious, Suspicious, Cautious.Female Swan

Swans Getting into Trouble.
Swans Getting into Trouble
 Alert to a Strange Sound.Swans on Alert

“HISSSssssing”  – Trying to Scare Me Away.
Swan will Hiss LOUDLY and Arch into a Tense Posture.
They Hope to Look BIG and Scary.   It Worked for our Cat. Swan Hissing

Swans have Excellent Memories.Swans are Intelligent
They start to Learn their Life Lessons before they Hatch.

Swan Talking to EggSwan talks to CygnetsSwan Dam Talks to her Cygnets.
Swan Talking to Cygnet

Singing SwanSome Swans like to Sing.071409l-cngtck-swans-cygnet-123bd4-6003cftxt   The Swans are Singing a Joyful Announcement.

Swans Sing a Joyful Song

A Lone Male Swan will “Sing-Snort,”
Calling for a Female to come Find him.Male Swan Singing

Lone Male Swan Singing

Lonely Mute Swan Singing

     Trumpeter Swans have a Victory Laugh.Trumpeter Swans Laughing

Swans will Watch the Sun Rise and the Sun Set.

Swans Watch SunSet

Swans Make me Smile
This Information is a Work in Progress…..

As I learn more I will add to this information..
Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger   January 2017