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Information that is Common to all Swans.

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Management Policies and Regulations for Mute Swans in the United States.
Every State is Different. Some have NO Policy – Many Prohibit Ownership.

All Species of Swans have Needs Different from other Waterfowl.

Nutrition Requirements are Different from Ducks and Geese.
In the Wild Swans will move about to find an Environment
that will provide those needs.

Captive Swans Depend on us to understand and provide a Healthy,
Safe Place when we bring them Home to Live with us.

Things to Know before Considering Swans for your Property.
An Adequate Water Environment is Important.
What Activities do You and Your Family want to use your Pond or Lake for ? ?

It is Helpful to be AWARE of their Annual Behavior Changes.
Summer Care is Different from Winter Care.

Learning their Anatomy and Swan Keeping Term is Interesting.

There are Swan Pairings that Work and SOME that will NOT Work.

Being Aware of Basic Care for Adult Swans and Cygnets.

Courting, Mating, Nesting and Raising Cygnets..
The Swans know what to do..
But, do you know what you NEED to do..???

There are Common Predators to Protect them from.. if Possible.

Common Health Problems to be Aware of..

There is ONE VERY Definite Thing we have learned over the Years.
Swans do NOT Read the Books Written about them.

To Quote my Husband:
“You can Predict the Swans will be Unpredictable.”
Mute Swan Family
There is ONE WISH I have…
“To be Able to Talk to the Swans – 5 Minutes a Month.”

                                                SwanLover Linda 

UpDated August  2021