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Common Swan Problems

March 15th, 2017 | Posted by LadyNerkle1 in Common Swan Problems

It would be Nice to Just Enjoy our Swans.

But there are Common Problems to be Aware of.

Common Swan Problems 

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Swan Problems

There a Variety of Things that Might
Affect a Swan’s Water Proofing.

WaterProof Feather


Swan Under Tongue Impaction

Under Tongue Impactions Can Result in Serious Health Problems.


This Next ONE is Very Painful for Any Bird or Swan.

Swan Bumble Foot Sore

Bumble Foot Sores – TOO Many Swans Develop these.


Swan Poor Diet

A Poor Diet Verses and Healthy Diet  –  Same Swan.

Swan Good Diet

Feeding Bread to Swans Can Cause Far More Harm then Good.

Swan Waterfowl Bread


WaterFowl – All Birds
are Very Susceptible to Heavy Metal Poisoning.

Swan Heavy Metal Poisoning

Swan Spoiled Feed


SWANS are Safest in OPEN WATER in the Winter.

Swan Need Open Water

Frozen Out of their Pond – High Risk of Death.

Swan Need Open Water


Rogue Swan

A “Rogue Swan”

UnPinioned Swans that FLY Away from the Homes
Will Cause Disruption to the Peace on YOUR POND ! !

I have been SURPRISED How MANY Times
we have had to deal with this PROBLEM.


I have Started this Page.. it has Basic General Information.
I Hope to ADD Information as Time Allows.
This Information is a Work in Progress…..

Compiled by (C) L.M.Sweger                                     March  2017

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