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There are Photo Images on this Topic Page
That are Unpleasant to View.
But this is What Snapping Turtles Do.
They BITE – They Destroy Our Waterfowl ! !

Snapping Turtle Swan

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Common Snapping Turtle
Snapping Turtle Swan
Common Snapping Turtles

I have used Information from this Wikipedia Article in this Topic Page. 
If you want more info.. Read this and other Articles.

Nature has its Cruel Side..
One Animal-Bird-Fish needs to Eat another Animal-Bird-Fish to Survive.

Snapping Turtle Swan Bringing Captive Pets to our Homes, Properties and Pond..
We try to Prevent Losing our Chosen Pets to Predators.

We DO have Some Control over SNAPPING Turtles..

Snapping Turtle Swan
Fences are NOT going to Keep them from your Ponds and Lakes.

The RANGE for Common Snapping Turtles..is:SNAPPING TURTLE General US Range

In Pennsylvania, Common Snapping Turtles are the ONLY Turtles
that Folks with Domestic Waterfowl need to be Concerned with..

Our Swans had a Number of Perfect Summer Days.. 
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts

Their Perfect Summer Days Ended with a Nasty Snapping Turtle Bite.
The Swans’ One Precious Cygnet had a Terrible Foot Injury..
He was Lucky to be Alive. 
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts

Taking their Only Cygnet was a Horrible Moment..
I will Never Forget hearing the Swans Screaming. 
Little “Meadow” would have Suffered and Died..

Snapping Turtle Swan

It has been Quite an Adventure..
 “Meadow” will be 13 Years Old – Mid-July 2022.
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts

Snapping Turtles will Show-up without being Invited..  Destroying the Peace.
You Need to Watch and Check for Snapping Turtles EVERY Spring ! 
They can Crawl into your Ponds and Lakes During Warm Weather Months. 
During their Reproductive Season – they are On the Move !
Snapping Turtle Swan
Snappers are a Major Predators of Young and Adult Waterfowl..Snapping Turlle Swan

All other PA Turtles are Harmless and Beneficial to your Water Environments.PA Painted Turtle
We Frequently see the Painted Turtles Basking and Swimming Quietly about. 
They will often Surface for Chopped Lettuce.. and Floating Feed Pellets.PA Painted TurtlePA Painted Turtle

****** If you Live in Some Southern States.. OH MY GOSH !
Alligator Snapping Turtle
http://www.untamedscience.com/ Alligator Snapping Turtles.

Thank Goodness we do NOT have these in Pennsylvania..
TURTLE Alligator Snapping Range

I am NOT a Fan of ANY Snapping Turtles..Snapping Turtle Swan
I have NO Good Words for Snapping Turtles..

SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts

Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle Swan*******
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts

We have MANY Pitiful Memories of Snapping Turtles.
Snapping Turtle Swan

Both Times there were People READY to Help her.

The Snappers that Bit her were REMOVED ASAP.

This Topic Page will not be a Pretty Picture Tour..

Snapping Turtle Swan
Snappers CAN BITE People and Pets, like Dogs that want to Walk
and Play in a Pond, Creek, Stream, Lake or River. OUCH !
Snapping Turtles  PETs
Snapping Turtle Swan     The Swan Above Died before she could be Rescued.


Mute Swan Cygnet Snapping Turtle******
Mute Swan Snapping Turtle
This Cygnet was Rescued around Eight Weeks Old..
She had Two Toe Claws Cut-Bit OFF.. and Torn Webbing.

Mute Swan Cygnet Snapping Turtle
Recovery was Questionable..  She Might be Lucky..and OK.
This Injured Foot will Always be a Concern.     LOTs of Dedicated TLC.
Eight Weeks Later, she has Healed Well.. and Adopted to New Home.

Swan Cygnet Snapping Turtle
The Cygnet Below is Only 3-4 Months Old.  Its Beak is Damaged.
Snapping Turtle  Nasty Beast   Swan


SNAPPING TURTLEs.. BEST to Remove all you Find..
I am NOT making any Suggestion on what you do with them.
That is between You and the Snapping Turtles.
Snapping Turtle Swan

Snapping Turtle Swan
For Folks who ENJOY Waterfowl and their Young,
Snapping Turtle Swan
Snapping Turtles are a Constant Source of Nasty Injuries and Death
for Smaller Ducklings, Goslings and Cygnets.

Snapping Turtle Swan

The Tiny Cygnet Below.. was BIT.. and Died.. Slowly.

A Swan Owner did not Understand “Why ?” the Parent Swans
were not with this Little One Hiding in the Water Iris Blades.
She took a Quick Photo, Sent it and Called me.
My First Thought.. It is Hurt.. Hiding.. Scared..
I Suggested if she could get to the Cygnet Safely
>>> Check its Feet and Legs for Wounds.
Yes !! It was Bleeding. Off to the Vet’s Clinic ASAP..

Evaluated: This Tiny Cygnet 8 Days Old might Weigh a Pound.

Snapping Turtle Bites are Not Straight Cuts.
They are Sharp V Shaped Rips..
Chunks of Flesh & Skin Cut-Ripped Out.
VERY Dirty … This One Caused Multiple Organ Damages..
Ripped Skin, Exposed Muscle, Broken Ribs,
Punctured Lungs, Blood Loss – (BIG SIGH).
It would take a “Magic Wand” to help this Precious Tiny Life.

SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts

Parent Swans will not Linger with Injured or Weak Cygnets..
They Focus their Care on the Healthy Cygnets that have
the Best Chance of Surviving.
The Swan Family had to Remain OUT of their Pond,
Until the Snapping Turtle was Removed. 
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts
The Dam Below has a Nip Out of her Beak.
She has Lost most of her Cygnets the Past 3 Spring-Summers. 
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts
Snapping Turtles will BITE Feet and Faces of Waterfowl.
Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle Swan

These Turtles Quickly Learn where you are Feeding your Waterfowl..Snapping Turtle - Nasty Beast   Swan
  Place their Pond Food in Shallow Water where they can SEE.
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts
Snapping Turtle Swan
They will LURK close-by.. Waiting for Leftover-Spillage.Snapping Turtle Swan
Do NOT Feed where Plants will Create a Hiding Spot.Snapping Turtle Swan

SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts

Snapping Turtles like to Walk along the Bottom of a Pond
Scavenging for Food. They may Bask Out of Water.Snapping Turtle Swan
More frequently we see them in the Water Floating on the Surface
with just their Snout and Top of their Carapace Exposed.Snapping Turtle Swan Snapping Turtle GooseThe HARM they do to our Wild and Domestic Waterfowl is DREADFUL..Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle Swan
This Young Cygnet did Survive with Months of Daily Care.
And MANY Visits to the Vet’s for Treatments and Check-Ups.

Snapping Turtle SwanSwan Snapping Turtle BiteIt Amazes me How Well our Cob has Adapted to his Damaged Foot. 
Snapping Turtle Swan
This Young Feral Swan was NOT so Lucky. Snapping Turtle Swan
Snapping Turtle Swan
I have Images and Images of Swans Bitten by Snapping Turtles..
Once Bitten it is a Difficult Process to Help your Pet Waterfowl.
Snapping Turtle Swan Her Leg and Foot were Infected and FULL of Maggots.  A Mess.
Snapping Turtle SwanThese Young Swans could not be Saved..  BOTH Euthanized.
Snapping Turtle SwanThis Little One would not be able to Eat or See…   Tragic End.

Too Many are Mortally Injured beyond Realistic Hope for Recovery.Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle Swan&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

We have had TOO MANY Sad Experiences. Snapping Turtle SwanTOO MANY Permanently Disabled Birds.
DUCK Mallard Beak Snapping Turtle
I Love WildLife..
but, the Pond Swans, Ducks and Geese take Priority.Snapping Turtle WaterfowlSnapping Turtle Swan

I STRONGLY Suggest the Removal of Snapping Turtles if you have Swans.
Snapping Turtle Trap
Many Folks have Noticed that their Waterfowl will NOT
go on the Pond 
When there is a Snapping Turtle Swimming Below them.
Snapping Turtle Swan*******


This Breeding Swan Pair started with four Cygnets..

Snapping Turtle Swan
This was the Last One.. So Sad. We offered to take it to a Safe Place..Snapping Turtle Swan
The Owner did not care.. Said, “This happens every year.. “
He Sells any Cygnets that Survive until Fall.Snapping Turtle Swan
I left this Roadside Pond with a very Heavy Heart.Snapping Turtle Swan
This Pond is along the Road.
People bring Snapping Turtles here and ADD them to this Small Pond.

Snapping Turtle Swan

Put Snapping Turtles in Someone Else’s Pond !


SNAPPING TURTLEs.. BEST to Remove all you Find..Snapping Turtle Swan
Snapping Turtle Swan******
Snapping Turtle Swan

This Dam Started with Six Cygnets.

Snapping Turtles Swan If you Lose a Waterfowl Pet or One of their Young.. 
   Be Suspicious. ???
Snapping Turtle Swan
What Predator is Taking the Young ???
???? Snappers or Hawks or Owls or Blue Herons, etc.Great Blue Heron

You can do Something about the Snappers..
the others mentioned are more Difficult to Protect from.

Check and WATCH for Snappers along your Pond Edges.
Snapping Turtle Swanor Floating Quietly in the Water.Snapping Turtle Swan
If your Waterfowl, Swans are Reluctant to Enter the Water…
Snapping Turtle Ducks
Check around… they may be Trying to Warn you..

Put Food and Treats in Clear, Shallow Water. 
Swans Snapping TurtlesSwans Snapping TurtlesSwans Snapping TurtlesAt Least they have a Chance of NOT being Bitten in the Face.


Snapping Turtles are an Unwelcome Problem in many Areas.

### A Family Memory Story.. ###
When my Mother was a Girl.. (Late 1920s)
She would Catch the Snapper Turtles from their local Creek.
Sell them to Folks who would make Turtle Soup.Snapping Turtle Swan
The Bigger the Snapper the more she was Paid.

Times have Changed.. Fewer are Harvested for a Soup Ingredient.

There has been an EXPLOSION of Snapping Turtles ALL Over..


In their Environment,
Snapping Turtles are at the top of the Food Chain.

Snapping Turtle Swan
Common Snapping Turtles have few Predators 
when Older due to their Formidable Size and Defenses.Snapping Turtle Swan*****************************************************

Common Snapper Habitats are Shallow Ponds, Creeks or Streams. 
They are often seen Basking along the Banks, sometimes on Fallen Logs.Snapping Turtles SwanSnapping Turtle Swan Snapping Turtles - Nasty Beast   Swan
Snappers lay in Shallow Muddy Water with only their Nose or Head Exposed.Snapping Turtle Swan
Their Nostrils are Positioned on the Very Tip of their Snout.Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle Swan

Moss and Algae may Stick to their Shell. 


Common Snapping Turtle Food Habits:

They are Active, Opportunistic, Omnivorous, Eating almost ANYTHING:Snapping Turtle Swan
Insects, Spiders, Crayfish, Clams, Snails, Earthworms,
Leeches, Frogs and Toads, Salamanders, Small Turtles, Snakes, Fish.Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle Swan

Snapping Turtles Consume lots of Aquatic Vegetation.
Basically, ANYTHING they can get in their Mouths.
Anything Alive or Dead.
They are Efficient Aquatic Scavengers.Snapping Turtle Swan

They are Ambush Hunters of Aquatic or Semi-Aquatic
Birds and Small Mammals.
Snapping Turtle Swan
Snapping Turtles are Considered a Nuisance,
since they Consumes many Game Fish, Ducklings and Goose Goslings.Snapping Turtles Geese*****************************************************

Snapping Turtles Mate from April through November.
These Turtles come out on Land to Court,
making them more Visible in the Spring.

Snapping Turtles Travel Extensively over Land to Reach New Habitats
or to Lay their Eggs.Snapping Turtle Swan
You may not have any Snapping Turtles in Early Spring..
but, this Roving Behavior may Introduce a New Snapper to your Pond.  Snapping Turtle SwanWatch for them Floating in your Pond.

Snapping Turtle Swan
Fences do not Stop them..

The Cygnets above were ALL Eaten by a BIG OLD Snapping Turtle
on a Friday Morning while the Family was away at Market.

Peak Turtle Egg Laying is May, June into July..
Female Snapping Turtles leave the Water and Travel to find Snapping Turtle Swan
Soft Mulch or Sandy Soil to lay their Average Clutch of 30 to 50 Eggs.Snapping Turtle Swan
Golf Course Sand Traps are a Great Place for Incubating their Eggs.Snapping Turtle Swan
Incubation Time is Temperature-Dependent, Ranging from 9 to 18 weeks. Snapping Turtle Swan
Their Unprotected Nest is Vulnerable to Predation.Snapping Turtle Swan

The Baby Snapping Turtles Hatch in Late Summer
and Instinctively know to Head for Water. 
The Temperature makes a Difference
as to how many of each Gender are Hatched.Tiny Snapping Turtle

Turtle Hatchlings are the Size of a 50-Cent Piece.Snapping Turtle Hatchling
Many Fall Prey to Raccoons, Skunks and Opossums.Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle Swan
Those that Survive are Generally Long-Lived — 30 to 50 to 100 Years.Old Snapping Turtle “HE” is Likely Older them Most People Alive Today.

****************************************************Snapping Turtles Winter
Turtles have a Complicated Metabolic Process that Allows
them to Hibernate through the Cold Winter Periods.Snapping Turtle Winter
They Dig and Snuggle Down into the Lower Muddy Areas and Wait for Spring.

Snapping Turtle Swan

For a Few Colder Months the Snappers are NOT a Problem.
Snapping Turtle Swan

They will be BACK..
When your Tiny Innocent Cygnets want to Play and Explore.

Snapping Turtle Swan******
Snapping Turtle Duck
This Mother Duck Started with Seven Ducklings. 
Snapping Turtle - Nasty Beast
Mallard Duck DucklingsFive Ducklings Lost in 12 Days.  So Sad.

AND, if you have a Pond that is Visible from the Road.
You are likely to have People bring Snapping Turtles
they find Crossing the Road to your Pond.Snapping Turtle SwanTheir “Good Deed” becomes your Nasty Headache..

Snapping Turtle Swan
This Female’s Beak was Bitten by a HUGE Snapper Dropped into her Pond. 
The Pond Owner saw the Truck STOP, Open the Tail-Gate
and Slide the BIG Snapper into their Pond…
And, just Drive Away.     THANKS BUDDY !!!

2019  ON a Local Private Pond..   
  SNAP  Another Cygnet with a Foot Injury.

Snapping Turtle Swan  This Young Male needed Surgery and Weeks of Recovery Time.  Lucky.

Snapping Turtle Swan*****************************************************

2019 SWANs in a Public Park.. 
Their Cygnets did not have a Chance..

Snapping Turtle Swan
One Cygnet was taken very Early – One Survived for Weeks.. then Gone.

Snapping Turtle Swan

Spring 2020  Another Sad Snapping Turtle Story.

Snapping Turtles Bite Swans

   Spring brought Two Tiny Cygnets to their Pond.
Snapping Turtle Swan
Young Mature Swans Hatch their First Cygnets. 

Snapping Turtles Bite Swans
The Adult Swans took their Tiny Cygnets to a Swampy Area
where there would be Lots of Natural Insects and Water Plants..
And Snappers !
Snapping Turtle Swan

SNAP !!!

Snapping Turtles Bite Swans
Snapping Turtles Bite Swans
     For Several Days her Pain was HeartBreaking..  
Snapping Turtles Bite Swans
One of her Tiny Cygnets was Gone…
Snapping Turtles Bite Swans

The Remaining Cygnet stayed Close to its Dam.   Snapping Turtles Bite Swans
After Weeks of “Sitting” Two Tiny Cygnets only Survived a few Days. 

Snapping Turtles Bite SwansBoth the Cygnets were Gone.  Taken by the Swamp Creatures.. 

Unable to Eat for Days – Unable to Preen..  Just Surviving.  
Snapping Turtles Bite Swans

Slowly, this Brave Pen started to Eat and Care for Herself.
She had a Very Dedicated Owner to Help her Survive and Recover.
Snapping Turtles Bite Swans
Pens – Dams are VERY Hungry when Nesting Ends..   SNAP….

Snapping Turtle Swan
This Terrible Injury to her Beak will Affect the Rest of her Life.

These Images are after a Month of Healing.  This Female was/is Lucky..
She has a Loving Owner who has helped her – Lots of TLC.. there is Hope.
Snapping Turtles Bite SwansIt is Important that she is able to Eat and Maintain a Healthy Weight.
AND, that she is able to Preen to WaterProof her Feathers..

PREENing is Feather Care

The First Full Year after this Injury will be a Challenge and Concern.

With Help –
This Swan Owner has had over 70 Large Snapping Turtles Removed.

Snapping Turtle Swan The Swamp is 35 Acres..  Removing Snappers will be Endless..
In Early June 2023 “Juliet” had her Foot Bit.
Snapping Turtle Swan
One Week Later a Snapping Turtle Killed her. 


***** FOR PRIVATE Land-Pond Owners..

June 18, 2018 – I Spoke with a Person at the Harrisburg
Fish & Boat Commission Office. (717) 787-4250

I Explained the Dilemma of Several Pond Owners with Domestic Waterfowl..
having their Pet Waterfowl Injured or Killed…
Snapping Turtle Swan
And they Read Snapping Turtles can not be Removed until July 1st.
This Regulation is for People who Trap for Commercial Sale of Turtle Meat.

IT is OK for the Person who Owns the Pond
to REMOVE Snapping Turtles
ANYTIME they are a Problem for You, Your Family,
Your Pets, Your Waterfowl.Snapping Turtle Swan

NO Permit Needed.. NO Time to Wait.. Anytime..
*** JUST do not Sell the Turtles.
Snapping Turtle Meat can NOT be Sold before July 1st. 
Snapping Turtle Swan

IF you NEED to Remove Snapping Turtles for the Safety
of your Waterfowl, make sure you have Identified them Properly.PA Painted TurtlePA Painted TurtlePA Painted TurtlePA Painted Turtle

Species Description:
The Common Snapping Turtle has a LARGE Head with a STRONG Beak. 
The Edges of their Jaws have SHARP Edges to RIP Apart Food.Snapping Turtle Swan

Males are Larger than Females. Snappers Grow throughout their Life Time.
Snappers Weighing in Excess of 22 Pounds are likely to be Male and OLD.
Snappers that do the Most Harm will Range from 10–35 Pounds.Snapping Turtle Swan

Do a SEARCH for a Website to help you Identify Turtles.
Most States’ Fish and Boat Commission Websites have a Page.
Search Example: Pennsylvania Turtle Identification.

Snapping Turtle HatchlingBaby Turtles To help Identify.
http://www.fishpondinfo.com/turtles/babyphoto.htmPA Painted TurtlePA Painted Turtle


If you are Not Sure you have a Snapper in Your Pond..
You can Check with a Simple Method..Snapping Turtle Swan
Tie a Raw Chicken Leg (or Chunk of Raw Meat) to a Strong Cord.
Tie the Cord to a Stake or Post along the Edge of the Water.
Put the Meat into Shallow Water….  Wait… Check…
If you have a Snapper.. the Meat will be Consumed.

Sigh.. No One WANTs this Result..

The Best Thing to do to Protect your Pet Waterfowl..
Is Remove Snapping Turtles.


There are WildLife Control – Removal Services
that will Come, Set Traps and Remove Snapping Turtles..

Snapping Turtles are the One Wildlife Species in Pennsylvania
that you can Legally Harvest and Sell Commercially for their Meat.
Commercial Trapping to Sell Snappers for their Meat has a Restricted Season.
WildLife Control Services MUST Follow State Regulations.
In PA a Permit is Required.. Legal Season begins July 1st.

IN PA – Any Company or WildLife Removal Service that Traps
Snapping Turtles for Commercial Sale MUST WAIT for the Date Set
by the PA Fish and Boat Commission. In 2018 the Date is July 1st.
This Allows the Female Turtles Time to Lay their Eggs..
Which Generally Happens during May-June.

An Annual Permit is Required through
the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.
The Completed Application shall be Forwarded to:
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, Bureau of Law Enforcement,
PO Box 67000, Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000.


There are Various Meat and HOOK Methods
of Snagging the Snapping Turtles.

If you use One of these Methods..
The HOOK NEEDs to be DOWN at least Five-Six (5 to 6) Feet
from the Surface..Out of  Reach of the Waterfowl.Snapping Turtle Swan
Swans can REACH Down to Graze on Under Water Plants.Snapping Turtle Swan
You do not want to SNAG your Swans..
or have them get Tangle with Bare Lines or Cords.

I have NEVER done this Myself
These are Notes from a Swan Friend.. who has done this MANY Times.

Supplies and Instructions by J.Ford

One EMPTY Gallon Plastic Milk Jug Sealed with Cap.
* 4-5 foot Steel Leader (Add Weight so this Sinks.)
or Narrow Pipe or Metal Conduit.. Something with Weight.
# 6 or 7 Steel Bluefish Hooks
40 to 50 feet of Nylon Rope.
Chicken Necks, Legs or Wing Parts for Bait.

* Secure the Nylon Rope to the Weighted Steel Leader.
Thread the Nylon Rope through the Pipe/Conduit..
Attach Hook very Securely…
Secure the Rope to the Empty Milk Jug.

Have a Second Line Attached to the Jug.. Attached to the Shore.

Bait the Hook and then Throw the Milk Jug with the Leader or Pipe
as far into the Pond as you can and WAIT for the Snapping Turtles
to Hook themselves. The Bobber (Milk Jug) will MOVE.

Pull the Milk Jug in when the Turtle is HOOKED.

Snapping Turtle Swan
Use a Shovel to PUSH Turtle into LARGE Trash Can.Snapping Turtle Swan

Use Wire Cutters to Cut the Steel Leader..
DO NOT Try to REMOVE the Hook from the Turtle.

Take Turtle to Stream or River FAR FAR Away and Release.
The Turtle’s Digestive Juices will Dissolve the Hook.

Repeat Until you have Snapping Turtles OUT of your Pond.
If there is ONE there are Very likely MORE….

One Pond we Visited thought they did not have Snapping Turtles.
In ONE Week they Caught 25 Assorted Size Snappers.

Be Vigilant for New Snappers
and/Or “Chicken Leg” Check Several Times a Year.

There are Snapping Turtle Traps.. Commercially Available.Snapping Turtle Trap

Depending on the Problem in your Area.. These are Worth the Investment.Snapping Turtle Trap
AND there is NO HOOK to Worry About.

There are Methods of Snagging Snappers with a Line and Hook.. 
The Swans can get Tangled in a Line, Rope or Cord..
If they Find the Hook and “Get HOOKED ! ”
 It can mean a Trip to the Vet’s Clinic.. 

The Price of a Turtle Trap is Cheaper then ONE Visit to a Vet. 
Or the Cost of Replacing a Swan.. and All the HeartAche..

Search Various WebSite to Compare Traps and Prices.
Snapping Turtle Traps

Catching Snapping Turtles by ANY Method is Time Consuming.

Seeing your Sweet Faced Waterfowl Chewed into Pieces is Heartbreaking.Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle Swan

Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle Swan
How you Plan to Dispose of Snapping Turtles is for you to Decide.

Before you can Eat Snapping Turtle Meat:
You need to take them Home ALIVE.
Put the Angry Beast in a Large Escape Proof Tub of Water – ALIVE.
Snapping Turtle Swan
Change the Water Several Times during the Next 5-7 Days.
This Cleans the Turtle Out before you Kill and Butchered it.
(Nope Not Me ! )
This is more than many People are Willing to do.

This is the Basic Idea.. Search and Read for Better Instructions.
Snapping Turtle Meat can be Consumed in Small Amounts.
Snapping Turtles do retain PCBs in their Fat and Internal Organs.

If you choose to Eat Snapping Turtle Meat, you can Reduce your Exposure
by Carefully Trimming Away all Fat and Internal Organs and
Discarding these Tissues before Cooking the Meat or Making Soup.
***See the Annual Fish Consumption Advisory
for more Snapping Turtle Consumption Information.

A Brief Account I found several time while Reading.. (SIGH)

Assault with a Turtle????  This is from a Collection of Notes..

“The Police use them (snapping turtles) to find Drowning Victims.
They tie ’em on a line, and the turtle will lead ’em
to the decomposing body every time.
Only problem is, the embalmer has to figure out how to hide
the chunks the turtle bites out of the corpse.”    “GROSS” ! !

Collected and Organized by Linda M. Sweger     
This is a Sad Work in Progress..
I Really DISLIKE Adding to it.   UpDated November 2023

The Following Photos Tell their Own Stories.
This Sweet Gentle Swan had the Damaged Beak for the Duration of her Life. 
Grassy Plants would get Caught in the Cut.

Snapping Turtle Swan&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

“Meadow” and the Nasty Snapping Turtle Bite.
Snapping Turtle   Mute Swan CygnetYoung Mute Cygnet – Just Four Weeks Old.
Life was Good.   …For a Few More Days.Snapping Turtle   Mute Swan CygnetRescued at 40 Days Old..  Right Foot Badly Injured.

Snapping Turtle SwanAll the Bones of his Foot and Toes are Broken.  
Snapping Turtle SwanCygnet Snapping TurtleMany Veterinary Visits and Weeks of Antibiotics.
Snapping Turtle SwanCygnet Snapping TurtleWe can not put a Brace on his Injury.
Snapping Turtle SwanAfter Six Months his 4th Toe became Infection.
Within Days it had to be Removed to Save him.
Snapping Turtle SwanSwan Cygnet Snapping TurtleSwan Cygnet Snapping Turtle******
Snapping Turtle Swan“Meadow’s” Surgical Wound Oozed Blood for Weeks..
he became Seriously Anemic.
Snapping Turtle SwanSwan Cygnet Snapping TurtleSoaking and Wrapping EVERY Day.
Snapping Turtle Swan
Snapping Turtle SwanSwan Cygnet Snapping Turtle

“Meadow” Tolerated all the Intervention Well.  Sweet Cygnet.Snapping Turtle SwanWe were Helpless to Prevent his Foot Turning Inward & Sideways.
Snapping Turtle SwanIt is SIX Months Since he was Bit.
Snapping Turtle Swan*****
Snapping Turtle Swan*****
Snapping Turtle SwanHe is Ready to Go to Live on a Pond.
Snapping Turtle Swan*****
Snapping Turtle SwanI Cringe Every Time I See his Foot.

Snapping Turtle Swan******
Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle SwanOur Male Swan is doing FAR Better then we had Hoped.

Mute Swan Snapping Turtle
Every Other Part of “Meadow” is PERFECT ! 
Snapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle SwanSnapping Turtle Swan  Rescued in August of 2009 – “Meadow” is NINE Years Old in July 2018.
A LOT of Work.. Worth Every Minutes.   
Mute Swan Snapping Turtle BiteWith Each Passing Year – We Count our Blessing.
Mute Swan Snapping Turtle Bite*******
Snapping Turtle  Swan
Snapping Turtle  Swan
Snapping Turtle  Swan

We are Grateful to ALL the Folks who have Help him !

Snapping Turtle Duck******
Snapping Turtle Swan******
Snapping Turtle Swan******
Snapping Turtle Swan
    She is a Very Lucky Swan.

Most Turtles are Harmless and Fun to Watch. 
SNAPPING Turtles – NASTY Beasts


Swan Lovers   Snapping Turtle



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